August 6th, 2010
01:58 PM ET

'Relief well' to follow 'static kill' in Gulf oil spill cleanup

The beginning of the end could be little more than a week away for the capped, sunken oil well in the Gulf of Mexico - that is, if the latest timeline for permanently killing the ruptured well holds up.

Retired Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, the head of the government's oil spill response, said Friday that BP tentatively expects to intercept the ruptured well through the closer of two relief wells around August 14 or 15.

While the "static kill" that involved pumping mud and cement into the upper part the pipe earlier in the week could potentially plug the well for good, Allen has instructed BP to proceed with a final "bottom kill." That's when more mud and cement will be poured into the well through one of two relief wells. The bottom kill amounts to an insurance policy.


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    I would like to apologize to the American people for being such a moron these past few weeks.

    I would also like to personally congratulate BP for solving this crisis. While they were not quick to respond at first, they have stepped up their game tremendously, and with the help of the federal government, I am very happy to see that this crisis has come to an end. While work will continue for many months, I think it is safe to say...


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    • Sean Marshall

      For all of you that just watched Don Lemmons interview with his fellow CNN reporter that claimed that only 25% of the oil remains in the gulf coast this is classic quibbling (presenting partial facts so as to misrepresent the truth) because some of CNN biggest clients are the oil companies and their subsidiaries and I'm sure they are threatening to pull their advertising dollars (which would amount to hundreds of billions at a minimum) if the network doesen't start misrepresenting th truth in favor of big oil. The facts are 25% have been picked up, 25% have disapated into the water column and 50% are sitting on the bottom, in the reefs or on the shore. The reporter Don was talking to, actually had the nerve to claim to 'we the people' that "sunlight disolves oil and salt walter acts as a corrosive and dissolves oil." Well we all have to change our oil at home from our cars dont we? Of course we are required to turn it in because it is a contaminate to soil and water. It DOES NOT BREAK DOWN in sunlight. But according to BP and CNN now all of a sudden it does so why don't we have our kids try a little science experiment as a school project based on this new information given to us by CNN and BP. Take some oil in a couple of containers, put one in sunlight for three months and mix the other with salt water and leave it in sunlight for three months and lets all see if the oil disapears

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