August 11th, 2010
03:32 PM ET

WebPulse: Fantasia, Jenny and a big bug

Fantasia - A lot of people were Googling "Fantasia Barrino" after her manager said that the "American Idol" alumna had overdosed on aspirin and a sleep aid. That OD - which the singer survived - came shortly after a North Carolina woman claimed Barrino slept with her husband. Follow? Um, the basic takeaway here is that Barrino is having a bad week and people want to read more and more and more about it.

Court documents filed last week by Paula Cook allege that her husband, Antwaun Cook, and Barrino last summer began a "covert adulterous affair." (We knew Fantasia was CIA!) Spook or not, we wish her a speedy recovery.

Jenny - What is the Web for if not perpetuating rumor? We love you Steven Slater. You've made it so much fun to carry on with the theme of creatively quitting. So today, we present the (bogus) tale of Dry Eraser Jenny. (Caution: Jenny doesn't really exist, but we'll explain that soon enough.) Late Tuesday, photos appeared on the Web of a young office toiler, "Jenny," telling her boss that she quit. More than two dozen photos were posted of her holding a dry-erase board with sentences explaining that she was quitting her job, that her boss was a jerk, etc. More than 100,000 Facebookers "liked" it, and a bunch of online news sites picked it up. The owner of the site that first published "Jenny" left everyone questioning if she really existed. This actress says she is Jenny. Look for tomorrow's WebPulse, which will probably feature a folk song about Jenny a la Steven Slater.

Superbug - Reports say scientists are worried that a superbug could spread worldwide. According to MSNBC, people who have undergone plastic surgery in India have brought a gene to England that allows bacteria to become  superbugs. This is pretty bad news, the BBC says. We wonder if this story will make more people contemplate the figurative inflatable chute at the job they don't love so much. If you are, tell CNN iReport about it.

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  1. jvmfan

    Wow. Fantasia has everything and still so unhappy. Makes me stop worrying about money…it obviously does NOT bring happiness. There is a CNN/HLN host, Jane Velez- Mitchell that is a recovering alcoholic. She should have some fantastic guests on her show "Issues" tonight about all this.

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