August 15th, 2010
06:03 PM ET

Police: Accused Craigslist killer dead of apparent suicide

A onetime medical student who was facing charges including first-degree murder in a killing tied to the Craigslist website died Sunday of an apparent suicide, police said.

Philip Markoff was found unresponsive in his Boston, Massachusetts, jail cell at 10:17 a.m. Sunday and pronounced dead by medics, according to officials.

The cause of death is under investigation, Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis and Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said in a statement.


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  1. afraidofheights

    In response to this news, Craigslist CEO, Jim Buckmaster, says that he is shocked to learn that they have Adult Services site. But he says that it now makes sense to him why so many people come to the ugly site each day.

    Read what Jim has to say. FUNNY

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  2. boomer


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  3. Raising Awareness

    Having been on the receiving end of a socio, I know their systematics all too well. They are very personable. The initial charm and likability evolves into darker and suffocating elements like: progressive control, isolation, obsession ie being checked on by calling (work, friends, family or appts), stalking, rage from being a few minutes late or having plans with friends. Sabotage (emotional and material), slander, destroying anything (or anyone) their partner appreciates by severing ties or derailing plans or goals. Recruiting others to do their bidding from superficial maliciousness on up to contract hits. Subhuman and heinous behavior is just that, subhuman. The end product of being on the receiving end of a socio leaves the victim irreparably damaged, a fragmented shell of a human being (former self gone) and forever changed. Do I feel sorry for that creature committing suicide? Cowardly or not, no I don't. IT did everyone a favor by opting out. Vile behavior and insufficient accountability. Re one poster claiming parents should be held liable: if parents instill or groom their child into a sociopath, then yes they should. However, do you really believe they're going to own up to any form of accountability? Get real. If a socio is genetically predisposed instead of indoctrinated, then it's no one's fault. Sad in either case. Socio or one perpetrator who doesn't claim to be the victim. ALL perpetrators cry wolf and finger point. Factor in the ones in counseling going to great lengths subjecting clinicians to crocodile tears while trying to buffalo them in the process. Socios have NO conscience and cannot be rehabbed. Several years into beneficial counseling and paradigm shifting, I STILL harbor biases that bottom feeders should meet the ultimate in whatever form it takes on. No one has the right to exact (or enjoy) the ruinous and indelible tolls the way socios do

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  4. Raising Awareness (cont)

    Craigslist is a repository for criminals, scammers, thieves, rapists, pedophiles and murderers. And what about those that maliciously post or give out people's numbers or addresses because of some spat? Recently there were TWO robbery-related murders here in our LOCAL area. Enough is enough. Some patent gloss over by Craigslists' founder Craig Newmark (when interviewed by ABC news) was inexcusable. The founder of Craigslist should pull ALL classified sections that are an easy platform for predators! Law enforcement can't possibly monitor all those ads (or responses thereof) as predators are clever and can easily get around being spotted until after it's too late. Wise up people and think before you post or respond to any kind of an ad.

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  5. Raising Awareness (cont)

    Some people would rather be on Craigslist all day long instead of working for a living.

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  6. Glenn Beck

    Some people like Raising Awareness would rather be on CNN's website all day long instead of working for a living.

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  7. Complete Kitchen

    somtimes i also sell stuffs on craigslists because there are many users in it ,*'

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