August 20th, 2010
09:52 PM ET

The day's most popular stories

The five most popular stories during the last 24 hours, according to NewsPulse:

"Extreme case of neglect": Police responding to a call of a domestic dispute at a Marietta, Georgia, house on Monday encountered a shocking scene: A 5-year-old girl weighing nearly 160 pounds, her teeth rotting, her skin covered in spider bites. Her 4-year-old sister was lying on a filthy mattress, wearing only a urine-soaked diaper. The children are now in state custody. The parents are in trouble.

10 'vices' that do you good: Admit it, you thought that daily cup of Joe was killing you, right? Turns out it may help with lowering the risks for dementia and Alzheimer's. How cool is that? Well, it depends on how you feel about the other nine good "vices."

"Fagetaboutit" may be a great password: You know that nonsensical eight-letter password that you thought was so ingenious and hacker-proof ? Fagetaboutit.  The 12-character era of online security is upon us, says a report published this week by Georgia Tech.

Florida officials probe maritime whodunit: A $550,000 gold bar that had been on display in a maritime museum for 25 years vanished in a matter of minutes Wednesday as two thieves grabbed it and walked out, authorities say. Police and FBI officials in Key West, Florida, are trying to identify the two men, captured on video, who walked into the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum gallery room.

Egg recall reaches half billion: The number of eggs recalled in a nationwide salmonella scare has grown to more than half a billion. Iowa egg producer Hillandale Farms is voluntarily recalling some 170.4 million eggs distributed to stores and companies that service, or are located in, 14 states, a spokeswoman at the Egg Safety Center said on Friday.

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    WhiteKnightTwo Damaged in Gear Collapse

    a spaceplane mothership that loses a landing gear... 😐

    these are only "advanced hobby level" vehicles... they're not SAFE and RELIABLE like a Boeing or an Airbus... VERY DANGEROUS trips wait the "space tourists"...

    a commercial vehicle, that should fly with tourists, needs, at least, the SAME level of engineering, tests, controls, etc. that only a, non-hobbyists, big aerospace company can achieve, after years of study of an army of engineers and billion$ of investment

    why spend billion$ to develop a new airplane if it's all that easy?

    just call an airplane building hobbyist to save lots of billion$ and lay off thousands engineers...

    of course, skilled hobbyists and single, good, engineers CAN build their own "home built" or "garage built" personal airplane, but they must be used by them and their friends (or test pilots) at their own risks and, surely, not used to carry tourists

    after all, these are the risks to rely on "commercial space" that, surely, has a great future, but, now, it's a too young industry with a big lack of experience to have the same level of reliability of the ""

    so, could the "commercial space" REALLY replace the Space Shuttle???

    or puts the $200 billion ISS under the serious risk to DIE soon?

    some people are pro-Shuttle, others are against it, but ALL know the DETAILED Space Shuttle data

    some people are pro-Ares1/5, others are against them, but ALL know the DETAILED Ares1/5 NASA studies

    some people are pro-EELVs, others are against them, but ALL know the DETAILED Delta/Atlas/Ariane/etc. data and launches

    well, now, some people are pro "commercial space", others are against it, but HOW they/we can be PRO or AGAINST it, if they/we STILL don't know the EXACT data and info of the "commercial" vehicles??????????

    e.g. SpaceX hasn't given yet any detailed info and data about the Dragon

    the specs available in the .pdf published on the SpaceX site aren't so clear

    so, it's hard to evaluate this vehicle to know what it really can or can't do

    these are the exact data we need to know from SpaceX about the Dragon:

    – payload adapter mass ________

    – empty service module mass ________

    – service module propellants mass ________

    – empty capsule mass ________

    – ejected nose cone mass ________

    – max LEO/ISS pressurized cargo mass ________

    – max LEO/ISS unpressurized cargo mass ________

    – max returned cargo mass ________

    – cargo Dragon GLOW ________

    – crewed Dragon GLOW ________

    – Dragon's LAS mass ________

    – max crew life support mass ________

    – max crew+seats+spacesuits mass ________

    – max mission autonomy (days) ________

    – max Falcon-9 "dumb" payload to ISS orbit ________

    all data should be in mT (1000 kg.) or kg.

    the data of the crewed Dragon should be for a full, seven astronauts, mission

    could the "commercial" SpaceX give CLEAR data and answers to the space community and the (potential) investors?

    remember that NASA and USA should RELY (mainly or only) on the Falcon-9 and Dragon for the next TEN+ years!!!


    August 20, 2010 at 10:07 pm | Report abuse |
  2. Reaper

    August 21, 2010 at 2:11 am | Report abuse |
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