August 23rd, 2010
08:49 PM ET

Saudi official: Paralysis not considered as punishment

Saudi authorities backed away Monday from reports last week that a court was preparing to order a man paralyzed as punishment for paralyzing another man, allegedly in a fight.

The paralyzed man, identified by the Saudi newspaper Okaz as 22-year-old Abdul-Aziz al-Mitairy, requested the paralysis under sharia law, and, Okaz reported, the judge in the case had sent letters to several Saudi hospitals asking if they could sever a man's spinal cord.

But the Saudi Ministry of Justice denied that paralysis was ever considered as a punishment in the case, a high ranking Saudi government official told CNN.

The president of the court in the northwest province of Tabuk, where the incident took place, also disputed the reports.


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  1. Smith in Oregon

    The allegedly corrupt Bush Family has directed America to fight 3 Proxy wars for Saudi Arabia's royal family. Kuwait, Iraq 1, Iraq 2 and now in Yemen. Despite the majority of 9/11 attackers were born and educated in Saudi Arabia, Osama bin Ladin was born and educated in Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia's printing presses spew out the very radical Wahabi Islamic teachings to freely ship all over the world, greatly compounding the friction between Muslims and all other religions on the face of the earth.

    When are America's leaders going to have the courage and will power to pull the plug on a very unhealthy alliance between America and the Saudi Arabian nation? Billions of America's dollars are funneled into activitys that are clearly anti-American and used to promote anti-American values around the entire world.

    Isn't it time for the Republican Potty to stop rewarding Saudi Arabia every chance they have?

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