August 24th, 2010
09:45 AM ET

On the Radar: Hostage rescue, Sherrod, midterm primaries

Philippines hostage rescue botched? - Authorities botched rescue efforts during a deadly hostage situation on a tourist bus, the Philippine National Police said in a statement Tuesday.

Manila police said former police officer Rolando Mendoza, upset at having lost his job, held hostage a busload of tourists from Hong Kong on Monday and killed eight of them before being shot dead. A statement from the national police said officials have already noted "some observations and defects during their close monitoring of the unfolding events."

Sherrod's job interview –– Shirley Sherrod, who received an apology after being forced to resign from the Agriculture Department, will meet Tuesday morning with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to discuss a job offer.

It will be the first face-to-face meeting between the two since a controversial sequence of events last month culminated in her stepping down.

Midterm election primaries - Voters choose candidates for midterm elections in five states Tuesday. Among the races to watch:

Alaska: Sarah Palin has a vendetta against the Murkowski family, but the candidate she backed to try to unseat Sen. Lisa Murkowski is falling hourly in the polls. It could mean another embarrassing loss for Mama Grizzly.

Arizona: Sen. John McCain is likely to prove his political chops once again in fighting off a challenge from Tea Party-backed J.D. Hayworth in a Tea Party state.

Florida: Who will win the right to challenge ultraconservative Marco Rubio and former Republican Charlie Crist? Kendrick Meek, the U.S. representative whom Bill Clinton has pulled out all the stops for? Or Jeff Greene, who has poured millions of his personal fortune into the race and has fought off scandalous headlines linking him to everyone from Lindsay Lohan to Mike Tyson?

Psychedelic drugs and depression - It may seem farfetched that a psychedelic drug associated with muddy hippies at Woodstock would help a cancer patient at a university hospital. Yet it’s an increasingly familiar scene.

Although mind-bending drugs such as psilocybin — the ingredient that puts the magic in mushrooms — are still used most often by people looking to get high, researchers around the country have begun to explore whether these and other illegal drugs can help treat intractable depression, anxiety, and other mental-health problems.

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    Hostage "rescue"... if you call that a rescue.

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