August 25th, 2010
03:56 PM ET

Web Pulse: Elin speaks, WikiLeaks, a cabbie is stabbed

Tiger Woods' ex-wife tells People she feels "better" than ever.

Elin's peace - Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren have divorced and she's given her first interview. "I have been through the stages of disbelief and shock, to anger and ultimately grief over the loss of the family I so badly wanted for my children," she told People in a series of talks at her home in Florida where the sex scandal began last year. Nordegren, People reports, is studying to get a psychology degree. She told the mag: "I also feel stronger than I ever have. I have confidence in my beliefs, my decisions and myself." Well, you go, Elin. You're having a much better season than Tiger.

The golfer wished Elin "the best in everything" and said he's to blame for their divorce.

WikiLeaks - Let's review what's happened over the past several weeks involving the story of a whistleblower website, its controversial editor Julian Assange and every person and entity WikiLeaks has ticked off or inspired. In July, WikiLeaks released more than 70,000 classified documents about the Afghanistan war and a U.S. soldier remains suspected of the leak. The posting of the so-called "Afghan diaries" angered military leaders but was also praised in some circles. In the days following, Assange threatened to released 15,000 more war documents. Most recently, a Swedish prosecutor filed rape and molestation charges against Assange, then immediately withdrew the rape charge but continues to pursue the molestation allegations. Assange has cried dirty tricks over the case.

On Wednesday, WikiLeaks published what it purports to be a CIA paper on terrorism.

Is the publishing of the CIA paper a big deal? The CIA says it's not.

Stabbed cabbie - "Are you Muslim?" That is the question a New York City cab driver was allegedly asked before being stabbed. Ahmed H. Sharif, 43, a practicing Muslim and longtime cabbie was in stable condition Wednesday. Michael Enright, a 21-year-old white male, reportedly got into Sharif's cab and engaged the driver in a conversation before allegedly using a "folding hand tool" in the attack. Enright has been charged with four counts including attempted murder and hate crimes, according to New York police.

The incident comes as tensions are running high in New York over the proposed building of an Islamic center and mosque near the site of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks.

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