August 26th, 2010
04:21 PM ET

Child actor ages, Tiger improves, Netflix goes mobile

Sigh. Macaulay Culkin insists on aging. He's 30 today.

Web Pulse is feeling old. Macaulay Culkin turned 30 on Thursday, and even crueler, his skin looks a lot more baby-soft than ours (despite this weird beard). Oookaaay, so it's not really weird to have facial hair, but Macaulay was supposed to remain forever the character he played in the "Home Alone" movies. Everybody, palms to cheeks! Do the scream. You know you want to. 

Let's all observe this high holiday by going to and watching "Home Alone" while we apply an expensive jar of wrinkle cream to our faces and cover the lights in tissue paper. Good thing there's news today that a new iPhone Netflix app allows you to stream television episodes and movies. Go ahead, download that sucker and pull up Macaulay doing the palms-to-cheeks-scream. You know you want to. 

While your gorgeous mug is buried in your iPhone, why not check out  the latest sports headlines ... Hey, it's Tiger. (Remember that voice mail from last year?) 

Tiger Woods has apparently gotten his game back after enduring what was believed to be one of the stinkiest stints in his professional career. He was in contention for the lead at Barclays tournament in New Jersey on Thursday, just a few days after his divorce from Elin Nordegren was formalized. Nordegren gave her first interview to People magazine this week, saying she had been "through hell" with her ex-husband after allegations surfaced of his extramarital trysts. 

Nordegren is doing better than ever, thank you very much, no matter how much this lookalike on the green got attention today. Let's all take a cue from her and just accept that time marches on and we'll be just fine. Just fine. Really.

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  1. boomer

    good grief, culken is just plain weird looking.

    August 27, 2010 at 12:04 pm | Report abuse |
  2. Anonymous

    Will There Be A
    HOME ALONe 5 ?

    Ahahahahahhhh Will
    Macaulay Culkin be the
    Father (Aka Kevin McCallister again) in
    "HOME ALONe" 5 ?

    Has 30-year-old Macaulay Culkin flexed his considerable muscle with 20th Century Fox many of whom would open to debate, represented that Culkin star of the 1990 Hit "HOME ALONe” Will Macaulay be the Father in "Home Alone" Five, 20th Century Fox said that he came to Fame in the 1990 Holiday hit "HOME ALONe Fox hopes the sequel will come out by Christmas 2012, The Film starts filming this fall, will it be another gold mine? "Home Alone" Five is scheduled to start filming in November, the Director, "Chris Columbus", and some of the other cast and crew was already in place. Now, filming has been abruptly delayed for at least nine months, possibly longer, to accommodate Macaulay's schedule. Director Chris Columbus, & the head of Fox, said in an interview that they where casting Macaulay for the Fifth sequel of "HOME ALONe” Macaulay Was given the script nine months before the Director Chris Columbus said, referring to "HOME ALONe" One. "We had a signed contract with him to do "HOME ALONe" 5 about four months ago. Culkin was the first respond to us about the script." Fox proceeded on the assumption that he didn't want the choice role. Then, Chris Columbus said that Macaulay would “Do It Again”.


    August 27, 2010 at 10:35 pm | Report abuse |
  3. Hostwinds

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