August 29th, 2010
09:02 PM ET

Families mourn loved ones pulled from Pakistan floodwaters

Dargahi Mirani is typically a fisherman by trade, but in the midst of devastating floods in Pakistan, local villagers have been turning to him not for his daily catch, but for help in retrieving their loved ones' bodies from the floodwaters.

Mirani says he's lost count of how many he's found, estimating the number to be 16 or 17.

The death toll from the massive flooding has climbed to 1,639, but government officials say the number could rise substantially as the floodwaters recede and more bodies surface.


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  1. Paul Cole

    We cannot police the world and the West is spending billions on foreign aid to countries who know they can never repay the loan and many line up for a free ride at our taxpayer expense. Compassion and charity begins at home first and foremost before others and if people are inflamed by my comments then let them pay for the aid and send medicine while people in Canada and USA suffer. Katrina has still displaced human lives 5 years later, we have first nations in poverty in Canada, unemployment, imbeciles for political leaders including Stephen Harper who is giving away money while looking the other way for our social dire needs: doctor shortages, extortionist dentist costs, school closures, long hospital emergency waits that look like a poor nation, huge national debt, corrupt and inept police and scandalous lawsuits, outrageous wars, etc. Yet, we will forgive $400,000,000.00 loan to Pakistan in 2010 before flood, debts are erased in toilet bowls like Africa, Haiti and others and yet the poor Western who lost his job and cannot make car payments who forgives his loan? Why should we be giving our lifeline blood to other parasite nations looking for a gravy train ride and the hell with homeless people, etc. in both nations. Our federal governments are traitors in catering to the whims of distant lands while needy people here go without, that is a shameful act of treason. "One is a crook, the other a thief, who do you vote for? All politicians are sleazy and greedy people who promise to serve and represent the people and in the end they shaft us all. Charity begins at home on our soils not in other lands! We will be reduced to a third world nation in the West because others cannot manage their own lands and we give insane money to countries like Pakistan and many others? What did Pakistan do with the $400 million, buy weapons and give fat bonuses to sick military leaders and politicians? Show us all what they did, help out the terrorists? Shame on politicians kissing butts of others to get international accolades and awards while ignoring us. Makes you sick to be called a Canadian! Who helps us with our wildfires or Katrina? Certainly not leeches like Africa, Peru, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan or Haiti to name a few! Where are these countries when you need help, the only time they show up is for handouts and this has nothing to do with racism. We are "tapped out" and let mother nature take its course as the world is overpopulated by Asians and others who put a strain on their resources and land then come to others and do the same or ask for financial help. I hope international aid financial support is severely restrained because our money deserves to be spent on our people not every one with a "runny nose" and anyone with a brain knows the money does not go to the people that is why Qatar went to Lebanon personally to hand out cash to homes after the evil Israeli war because they knew if they blindly gave it to the government, a lot of it would go in their pockets, fact!

    August 31, 2010 at 12:32 am | Report abuse |
    • SAM

      My my...not only that you are arrogant and ignorant but also a racist. You don't want to help out, don't do it but don't go on name calling spree just because you happen to be in a developed nation. Leeches are not these countries but people like you who wait for the govt and politicans to fix all your problems while you sit and wait for your next social security pay-check. For a change go out there find a job...maybe in a seven-eleven or something but do that-pay taxes, make a contribution to the society and then maybe we'll talk. Also while our there try to find where the next anger-managemet class is and sign-up for it. Simply put get a life rather than blaming everybody and anybody for your miserable existence.

      September 1, 2010 at 3:49 pm | Report abuse |
  2. Paul Cole


    The vast majority of Canadians, you imbecile bleeding heart, support seriously curtailing foreign aid because dire social programs in Canada are being severed while we send billions abroad. Racist, you are an uneducated damn fool and a bleeding heart. We have given Africa more than a billion dollars in 30 years, close to $500 million to Pakistan, almost $400 milllion to Haiti not including others who line up. Show me proof that, one person from foreign aid receipent countries came to help out with Katrina or wildfires in Canada? Yet, they have no problem showing up to lobby Canada or the USA for help. Sam, if you are honest as you think you are, you would not give medicine intended to save your loved one's life to another stranger down the road or, pay from your pocket for groceries for a person in your immediate neighborhood who lost his job. A racist, I am married to a middle east woman and 90% of my friends are not white so get a life! Politicians are too stupid to prioritize social needs and often spend insane money on stupid researches/commissions or imbecilic programs like the gun registry in Canada that was backed up by inane cops thinking they will curtail gun crimes, wrong! I have helped out as a volunteer for decades in several facets. You are sick in the head to ignore facts but to paste someone with a bad label because they do not kiss your backside opinion. How dare anyone, ignore frail seniors, kids going to school hungry, crime increases, doctor shortages, no dental care for 34% of us and, yet spend billions on foreign countries who know they can never pay back the loan or pay the interest on it. Get a life.....

    September 2, 2010 at 7:52 pm | Report abuse |
  3. Sarah


    September 11, 2010 at 11:13 pm | Report abuse |
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