August 31st, 2010
12:02 PM ET

FEMA: Evacuations possible whether hurricane hits or not

Evacuations may be required along the U.S. Atlantic coast even if Hurricane Earl does not make landfall, as storm surge flooding and other effects may be an issue, FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate told reporters Tuesday.

Hurricane Earl was heading back out into the open Atlantic Tuesday after dealing a glancing blow to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, but forecasters warned the large and dangerous storm could have the Carolinas in its sights later this week.


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  1. James Neufeld

    All these hurricanes that have hit America –right while we were making war in another country. They show our people on the news, (during Katrina) , going without food or water and no electricity as well. I guess the same was true for the people over in Iraq as well as Afghanistan during our war effort. Is it just an American free , I have said to myself.

    As far as our getting help to our people in the midst of all their troubles during natural disasters, I think about hurricane Andrews hitting florida. I remember that the hurricane relief bill, (I'd read about in the paper) had a number of other issues attached to it. One being gun control !! Well, I thought to myself, "maybe they were arguing about gun control while people , "real" people were waiting for some real help -from a real government"!

    Maybe that is not the smartest thing to do. But I bet you that they did it. Question is ... what does "gun control" have to do with getting people that are victims of a hurricane relief? Absolutely nothing! How do you intelligently address two or more issues on the same bill and then vote democratically?

    How did bush place a bailout bill before congress that had social security , medicare and Bush's pet projects on it . What are his Projects? Do you and I have a right to know? How do you vote and idiot into office? Do they just "bully" people to vote for their bill? (congressman) "I guess I better vote yes on the hurricane releif bill , even if I don't agree with the gun control bill." Oh, but we live in a free society and we have a vote.

    Jim , (I am at newsvine too)

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