September 1st, 2010
09:25 AM ET

On the Radar: Chile miners video, Apple, Mideast peace

Chilean national flags wave outside the San Jose mine, where 33 men are trapped.

Chile miner video - Officials are expected to distribute on Wednesday copies of a 25-minute video that the miners, who have been trapped underground for more than three weeks, sent for their relatives. The video, sent Tuesday, held another round of greetings from the 33 men, family members who had seen it told CNN.

After a private screening held in the tents that comprise Camp Hope at the entrance to the mine, some relatives emerged solemn-faced; others were teary, yet most appeared happy. All the family members said the miners appeared to be in much better condition, much cleaner and much better organized than they had appeared during the first video, which was sent up last Thursday.

Apple event - In the tech world, it's become an annual rite of fall. Apple CEO Steve Jobs and company have, for the past five years, used September as the time to announce new products and services among the company's music offerings. Last year, Jobs - making his first public appearance since returning to work after a liver transplant - unveiled some changes to the iPod lineup, including new Nanos with video cameras, and announced slashed prices on the portable music players.

CNN's Doug Gross takes a look at what will - and won't - be unveiled today. And by the way, for the first time, Apple will be livestreaming the event on its website. But if you've got a PC and don't have an Apple device (iPad, iPhone, iMac, iEtc), don't bother - only Apple users can see it. You will, however, be able to see a tape-delayed version of the announcement on here.

Change of command in Iraq - The simmering warfare and political instability in Iraq are probably far from over, and U.S. military involvement there could very well last years beyond the end of 2011 - when all U.S. troops are scheduled to depart the war-torn nation - according to analysts who study Iraq.

Think-tank analysts who've written about what's next in Iraq after the U.S. combat mission formally ends Tuesday say economic and infrastructure conditions need to be improved. And they envision a persistent American presence in an Iraq that remains unstable - despite many improvements in the country's security forces and political culture.

Mideast peace talks - Fresh off a major speech on Iraq, President Obama on Wednesday turns his attention to the extremely difficult task of trying to broker Mideast peace, with his special envoy declaring there is a "window of opportunity" for Israeli and Palestinian leaders to achieve a historic deal within one year.

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  1. xavier martinez

    @ Barrack Obamas mideast peace talks-let them know we are all human, violence is not the answer and that two wrongs don't make it right. We are only killing off the human race. The Devil is the one who doesn't want to see peace, rather just like to see suffer. Don't try to apologize for the former wrong doings of usa, but show we are here to make this place on earth.....heaven! All of this violence must stop or else we are all heading for doom.

    September 1, 2010 at 9:48 am | Report abuse |
    • Zaur

      We are going to see the United States remove ieltsf over the next 20 years from its balance of artificially weak powers strategy as gracefully as it can given Israel’s position in its domestic political situation, on terms as favorable as it can manage for Israel and for the Jewish people of Israel. This is just delusional. Instead, my prediction is that the US will double down on its support for Israel over the next 20 years, resulting in a war with Iran, a war by Israel with US support on Lebanon, and an even more brutal war on Hamas in Gaza. All of these are likely to take place within the next few years, with the Iran war being the most difficult to predict it could take place in a much longer time frame depending on events in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the fallout from the current Arab Awakening , as well as the US domestic election results in 2012, and possibly even events in North and South Korea. But wars on Lebanon and Gaza are almost certain within five years after which there will be more fallout from those wars, to what degree is uncertain because it depends on their length and severity. Certainly Israel will become even more isolated and pariah-like in the international community, with even the EU, normally a poodle of the US, increasing its criticism of Israel and US support for Israel. But the US will remain absolutely loyal to Israel and will continue to shovel billions in military aid to Israel, and continue to support Israel in the UN.Over the next 20 years, both Israel and the US will become ever more warlike, ever more unstable in their flailing around to protect their interests , and ever more despised and treated like a pariah by much of the world.

      March 12, 2012 at 10:13 pm | Report abuse |
  2. Claudia Boyett

    I'm proud to be Chilean!!!
    Viva Chile mierda!!!!!

    September 1, 2010 at 10:30 am | Report abuse |
  3. Smith in Oregon

    Under the utterly depraved and corrupt Republican administration of Bush-Cheney, Bush changed 30 BILLION DOLLARS in federal loans to the government of Israel to a FREE GRANT!!!

    Today, Israel's TOTAL cash reserve is a mere 60 Billion dollars. Bush GAVE Israel 50% of the current total of Israel's total cash reserves out of the American taxpayer's pockets without even a single mention to the American public.

    Sign the PEACE treaty Israel, American taxpayers are fed up with your free US Military provided arms race, free Billions of America taxpayer dollars and thousands of American lives.

    September 2, 2010 at 12:19 am | Report abuse |