September 2nd, 2010
11:29 AM ET

Thursday's intriguing people

Anna Chapman

The woman deported from the U.S. earlier this year as a Russian spy has been photographed and videotaped for a Russian magazine. ABC News says it's the first time any of the ten 'sleeper' agents have been reported on since they pled guilty and were sent back to Moscow in July.

Chapman may face a lawsuit from the magazine, Zhara, known in English as "Heat." While she'd granted the magazine exclusive access to the photos and video, she posted the images to her Facebook page, and they were subsequently picked up and publicized by a Russian tabloid.

Chapman did not allow the magazine to interview her, saying that Russian intelligence would not let her comment. Instead she posed for the photos and video in dresses that were her own.

ABC News: Russian spy surfaces in sexy magazine shoot

Cardinal Sean Brady

The Irish archbishop who admitted covering up the sex crimes of a priest nearly 40 years ago tells CNN that he will not resign as the Archbishop of Armagh. Cardinal Sean Brady has been at the center of the sex-abuse scandal that has rocked Ireland. Yet he tells CNN's Nic Robertson "I've moved on there, I think, and I got a lot of support in my decision."

A number of reports by the Irish government indicate that abuse by Irish priests was covered up by the church going back 70 years, CNN reports. In the most prominent case involving Cardinal Brady, he urged two boys to sign oaths of secrecy in 1975 about the abuse they suffered at the hands of the late Father Brendan Smyth. Brady was a church investigator at the time.

"I want to say to anyone who has been hurt by any failure on my part that I apologize to you with all my heart," he told parishoners this past March.

When asked by CNN about reports that the current scandal was hurting morale of the clergy in Ireland, Brady said, "I haven't met many of those priests to be honest."

Irish cardinal will not resign after scandals, he says

Paul Hogan

The actor often known for his role as "Crocodile Dundee" is being detained in Australia where he's been given a $38 million tax bill.

Reuters reported Wednesday that Hogan lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Dundee co-star Linda Kozlowski, and their son. In mid-August, the 70-year-old actor returned to Australia to attend the funeral of his 101-year-old mother. It was during that time that authorities issued a 'departure prohibition order,' which prevents him from returning to the U.S.

While Australian officials refused to comment, Hogan told Australia's "A Current Affair" program about the accusation: "If I was a tax evader, which I'm not, I must be the dumbest one in the world coming back here instead of fleeing to a tax haven."

He is part of a larger investigation to crack down on alleged tax evaders by the Australian Crime Commission. He insists the commission is just looking for a big fish and that he has paid more than his fair share of taxes.

"I don't have and never had the money people think I got," he said.

Yahoo News: Paul Hogan vows to fight Australian tax office

Daniel Quinn

The philosopher and author of a book called "Ishmael: An Adventure of Mind and Spirit," was a major influence in the environmental activism of slain Discovery gunman James Jae Lee, CBS reports.

"Ishmael" was a book without a publisher when it won the Turner Tomorrow Fellowship in 1991. The $500,000 grant was awarded by Ted Turner's foundation as a way to encourage authors to seek "creative and positive solutions to global problems."

"Ishmael" is the story of a disillusioned writer who answers a want ad only to meet Ishmael, a wise ape who can talk telepathically. The ape and writer then discuss solutions to overpopulation, the human desire for conquest, and other ideas to save the environment, according to CBS. The book has since before a teaching text published in 25 countries, Quinn claims on his website.

A post on the Ishmael website yesterday said Quinn "is appalled and saddened to find that anyone could so misunderstand the message of his books that they feel justified in putting people at risk in this violent manner."

CBS News: Daniel Quinn, Muse of Discovery Channel Suspect James Lee

Discovery Channel HQ given 'all clear' after hostage situation

Dr. Amy Lang and Charles Rushin

Lang, an Atlanta-based pain-management physician and Rushin, an Allergan sales representative, are whistleblowers in a $600 million fraud case involving the makers of Botox. Their testimony played a key part in a settlement announced yesterday.

In announcing the settlement, federal authorities said that Allergan agreed to pay the significant penalty after investigators confirmed via Lang and Rushin's testimony that the company was improperly promoting Botox for medical concerns that were not approved by the FDA. This included using it as a pain management therapy, officials said.

U.S. Attorney Sally Quillan Yates also charged that Allergan paid doctors kickbacks for promoting the drug while serving on advisory boards and in public speaking engagements. Allergan denied the kickbacks.

"When they started this, they had no idea if anyone would believe what they said, so they did it on faith," said John Floyd, the attorney for Lang and Rushin. "This settlement vindicates their decision to come forward. We're happy to see it."

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Allergan to plead guilty, pay $600 million for Botox charges $600 million settlement in Botox case

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      :::Marky You are so stupid, it even makes MY heard hurt! @@@ Your spelling makes my heard hurt. You must be a Palin groupie.

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