September 11th, 2010
10:58 AM ET

Iranian lawyer 'upset' that hiker's release canceled

The lawyer for three U.S. hikers accused of spying in Iran is "upset" that Sarah Shourd's planned release has been canceled and said her family's emotions are "being abused."

"Put yourself in her mother's shoes.," Masoud Shafili said on Saturday. "It's been more than year and she has no idea why her daughter was arrested and what will happen to her."

Iranian officials had said on Thursday that Shourd, one of three American hikers held in Iran for more than a year, would be released this weekend. But Friday, prosecutors said the release had been "canceled" because the judicial process has not been completed.

Shourd, 32, along with Shane Bauer, 28, and Josh Fattal, 28, were detained July 31, 2009, after they allegedly strayed across an unmarked border into Iran while hiking in Iraq's Kurdistan region.


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  1. Mehdi General Dr Bad

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    when you are saying your prayers ? god willing,
    Thank God I ofund YOUr Little Goat babies ie" "Kids",,
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    this story would not have such a Happy ending. Inshallah.
    and Thank God, MY ex wives – girlfrreinds -finacee and Children are in YOUR " Countires", Plural.

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  2. Mehdi General Dr Bad

    Do Unto Others ,AS YOU Would Have Do Unto YOU'.
    To many "big" Words?

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  3. Mehdi General Dr Bad

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    Beyound YOUR Littte Pea barin.
    YOU do NOT Know "Everything".
    now who is next?
    oh i see, Mubarak. = Fatwah.
    Have a nice day.

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  4. Mehdi General Dr Bad

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  5. Mehdi General Dr Bad

    w/sallam w/r w/b,
    Allah hafiz

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