September 12th, 2010
08:46 PM ET

Mexico captures 'El Grande,' another drug kingpin

Marines in Mexico have captured an alleged leader of the Beltran Leyva cartel, the country's state-run news agency reported on Sunday, handing authorities another big win in their fight against powerful drug organizations.


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  1. Yeahimright

    Big Win or just another little joke. You cannot arrest your way out of this problem or did you not get that memo. Just so you all know, Your attempts at sensationalism are fail. The Drug cartels are not only winning, They are doing it in a big way. The Drug War has been in progress for how long and just recently we have these huge orginizations pop up out of nowhere. Looks more like the Columbian establishment expanding and growing because business just keeps getting better and intervention is so easily subverted. Lets spend more money making unethical foreigners rich and pursecute our citizenry at the same time. That is a real smart combination.

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  2. morena

    What needs to be done is instead of americans troops spending sooo much time overseas, why arent the us gov sending some at these fronts. Its commons sense that we depend on each other in many ways why not help them the us complains soo much about my people comming in the us so do something about it! Send troops use ur intellegence for something. Hillary and Obama have not changed any thing, Obama u promised and promised soo many things i know u dont have the last word on everything even being the president but realize that these cartels are killing there own people on the cost of gainning "respesct" and power stop fooling around and act. Your gonna spend all that money on securing the borders spend some of that money on getting inocent people out of mexico. Its not fair that after all these years the cartels r getting away with everything and haveing soo much security here in the us drugs r still being brought in how is that either the us border patrol is in on it or us gov.!

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  3. villa

    Us, wen people as a whole stand up an say enough is enough results happen it takes civilian coporation in any mess wethear is militans or cartels citizens stand grab your guts n dont be scare to die dats the price for peace n freedom.

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  4. Carin

    Love is the answer. Until the while world has come to a place of love and respect for one anothe r on a universal level, there will be no peace, there will be a need for greed,and a desperation in humanity that can only be filled by God. Sound impossible? It is by human hands, but we can each be drops in the bucket, acting out of His love, sharing His love, and one heart at a time change the world...but only by the power of love....and God is THE source for real love. Not judgement....just love.

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    • Leaf

      Its legal to have a child bride at age 12 in mexico.

      6 different drugs are legal to have on you 24 7 in mexico, METH, COCAINE, HEROIN BEING 3 OF THE 6.

      Drug Cartels are allowed by the PEOPLE, GOVERNMENT TO BE GLORIFIED, BY
      building GRAND MAUSOLEUMS dedicating their lives as CRIMINALS in mexico.

      We do not want this type of EVIL in our neighborhoods. White people have nothing to do with YOU BEING A racist drug cartel mule peddling your drugs to uor children.

      We only make DRUGS because you want it is like CHINA selling TOYS LACED WITH LEAD.

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  5. Leaf

    1 The Number 2 and 3 on the (WIKI) list of countries by homicide rate are in N. Central America (MEXICO)
    Number 2, South America is Number 3. That is out of 135 countries World Wide.

    2 Ages of consent in Mexico is 12 years old.
    That is still a baby.
    Child rapist is a Felony in the United States of America.
    Who is going to come calling on your daughters?????????????? At age 12?

    3 6 different drugs are LEGAL to carry in MEXICO,
    3 of those Drugs include METH, COCAINE, and HERION.

    4 Drug Cartels are allowed BY THE PEOPLE and government of Mexico to build Grand Mausoleums for themselves after they die.
    These MONSTRACITIES should be destroyed but are allowed in? Your town?
    How do you feel about these being built in your families cemetery?
    That means they live near YOU and YOUR Familia (family).
    Culiacan, Sinoloa is the unofficial capital of Mexico’s drug-trafficking business. Given the shortened lifespan for drug traffickers, shrines and mausoleums honoring fallen narcos have become an integral part of the city’s landscape. David Luhnow and Jose de Cordoba report from Mexico.
    Death is not the end of bravado for Mexican drug traffickers laid to rest in lavish Grand Mausoleums at a cemetery in Culiacán, heart of the Sinaloa cartel.
    How do you and you communities, cities, states, and families feel about these truths?
    Ask you children?

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  6. villa

    How about u American wat do u contrubute 1 u made most of d drugs u use meth,lsd,n hundreds of priscripsion medecine how many of take antidepresons or pain killers?2 all d 50 caliber weapons graneas launcher anti tank guns,ect...lets be fair an see it from both sides if ur bought officails didnt let them come throught n if ur youth wouldnt wana be high we be cool, the difference Mexican officials sell ouy for 1000 n American officials 10,000 so how can the people truest the Law?

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