September 14th, 2010
11:52 PM ET

NTSB: Pilot error, controller at fault in Hudson midair collision

The National Transportation Safety Board says the probable causes of a midair collision over the Hudson River last year that killed nine people were the limitations of the "see and avoid" concept and an air traffic controller's personal phone conversation at the time of the crash.


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September 14th, 2010
09:30 PM ET

TV reporter Ines Sainz over Jets story, but readers aren't

TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz has been making the media rounds, giving her take on what happened between her and the New York Jets football team on the field and later in the locker room that prompted reports of sexual harassment.

The story broke Monday with reports that the NFL was investigating whether Jets players behaved inappropriately by allegedly hooting and hollering at Sainz when she visited the team's locker room for an interview with Mark Sanchez on Saturday. 

Since then, the Sainz saga has been splashed across newspapers with the typical tabloid-style headlines - perhaps because she is a former Miss Spain, or the self-proclaimed "hottest sports reporter in Mexico," or because she has posed in Maxim.  

Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis kept the story alive Tuesday with comments on the Mike Wise Show about locker room dynamics (comments start around 14:00). Subsequent backlash from the NFL prompted Portis to acknowledge he was "wrong to make the comment," adding that he respects "the job that all reporters do." 

It was the most recent apology Sainz has fielded this week, after hearing from Jets owner Woody Johnson. Sainz says she has accepted the apologies and hopes to put the harassment issue behind her. 

But the furor continues on talk shows, on the Web and in social media. It has sparked intense debate online - and on CNN comment boards.  


September 14th, 2010
05:06 PM ET

Reggie Bush to forfeit 2005 Heisman Trophy

Former University of Southern California star running back Reggie Bush has decided to forfeit the Heisman Trophy he won in 2005, according to a statement on the website of his pro team, the New Orleans Saints.

The decision comes two months after the NCAA ruled Bush had violated rules by accepting gifts, cash and other benefits while he played for USC - violations that would have affected his eligibility.

"The persistent media speculation regarding allegations dating back to my years at USC has been both painful and distracting," Bush said in Tuesday's statement.

"In no way should the storm around these allegations reflect in any way on the dignity of this award, nor on any other institutions or individuals. Nor should it distract from outstanding performances and hard-earned achievements either in the past, present or future."


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September 14th, 2010
04:47 PM ET

Reaction: Did Obama hit the mark on education?

Parents and teachers Greg Clark, left, and Mike Reily take in President Obama's Back-to-School Speech from the teacher's conference room at John Burroughs High School in Burbank, California.

President Barack Obama spoke to the nation’s students, teachers and parents in the second back-to-school speech of his presidency. The speech focused on the importance of staying in school and working hard to realize dreams.

It also touched in celebrating diversity and encouraged students to try to see themselves in others.

Did this speech hit the mark? Is this the message kids, teachers and parents needed to hear?

Mike Reily and Greg Clark are teachers and also parents. They watched the president’s speech in the teacher’s conference room at John Burroughs High School in Burbank, California.

CNN’s Jim Roope watched with them and the three had a conversation about its message.

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September 14th, 2010
03:45 PM ET

Eiffel Tower, park evacuated for bomb threat

The Eiffel Tower and the park around it were evacuated Tuesday night after a telephoned bomb threat, police said.

The police press office said the alert, which was reported at 8:20 p.m. (2:20 p.m. ET), was being treated as a routine occurrence and was being investigated to determine whether the threat was real.

Some 2,000 people were in the area when the evacuation was ordered, police said, according to BFM-TV . Also evacuated were a number a nearby apartment buildings and businesses, according to news reports.


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September 14th, 2010
03:33 PM ET

At least 6 injured in Tennessee flare plant explosion

At least six people were injured in a "flash fire" at a plant in west central Tennessee, state officials Tuesday. 

The incident occurred at Kilgore Flares Co. in Hardeman County, about 75 miles northeast of Memphis said Jeremy Heidt, spokesman for the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency. 

The plant makes materials that are flammable, but not explosive, Heidt said. 

The Regional Medical Center at Memphis has received three patients, said executive secretary Jackie Harris. 

Two were flown in, said Harris, adding she did not know the nature of their injuries or conditions. 

Three others were at Bolivar General Hospital in good condition, said spokeswoman Kay Cranford of West Tennessee Healthcare.

Find more coverage on

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September 14th, 2010
02:40 PM ET

Obama pushes kids to work hard in 'back-to-school' speech

President Barack Obama Tuesday delivered his second "back-to-school" message to the nation's students - an event marked by far less controversy than the first time around.

The speech - delivered to a thunderous round of applause from students at Julia R. Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - encouraged students to make the most of their educational opportunities.


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September 14th, 2010
02:39 PM ET

Government: Drilling could resume to rescue miners

Officials working to free 33 trapped miners in a collapsed Chilean mine said Tuesday they had cleared a drilling hole that was blocked by a shattered drill bit.

Engineer Rene Aguilar said all the pieces of the broken drill bit that were in the hole drilled by the Plan B operation had been removed, and drilling could begin again soon.

The Plan B drill is widening a narrow hole drilled when rescuers first searched for the miners after the mine collapsed August 5. That drill was making the fastest progress of the other rescue operations - Plan A and Plan C - when it hit an obstruction, possibly a reinforcement beam, at a depth of 268 meters (879 feet).

"This bit was upside down and we used a spider ... to pull it out," Aguilar said, holding up the "nose" of the bit that he said weighed about 12 kilograms (about 26 pounds).

"Spiders" are specially designed claws that were made to pull out the broken drill pieces.

A second customized bit was expected to arrive later Tuesday, and Aguilar said a camera was being lowered into the hole to check it out before drilling restarts.


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September 14th, 2010
02:18 PM ET

Nadal, Wayne Rooney and WNBA finals

Rafael Nadal has his career Grand Slam.

The Spaniard claimed his first U.S. Open title, overcoming a rain delay and Novak Djokovic 6-4, 5-7, 6-4, 6-2 to become the seventh player to win all four majors (Australian, French and U.S. Opens and Wimbledon) in their career. He’s also the first player since Rod Laver in 1969 to win three consecutive Slams in a calendar year.

Watching Nadal blister serves, volley as well as anyone in the field, defend peerlessly and win anything resembling a big point, you have to wonder if anyone or anything can stop Nadal right now, writes’s Jon Wertheim.

The world’s No. 1 ranked player now has nine Slams to his credit and takes a look back at Nadal’s major accomplishments.

With the U.S. Open in the books, we focus our attention on baseball’s pennant races, the WNBA finals and soccer. Here are a few of Tuesday’s highlights, all times Eastern.

Rangers at Manchester United (2:45 p.m., Fox Sports Network). Wayne Rooney is set to return to the starting lineup as the Red Devils open Champions League Group C play at Old Trafford. Rangers heads into the game an underdog despite beginning Scottish Premier League play on a four-game winning streak.


September 14th, 2010
01:41 PM ET

Doctor sued for 'branding' patient's uterus

Dr. Red Alinsod is being sued for engraving his patient's name on her uterus.

A California gynecologist is being sued for branding a patient's name on her uterus using an "electrocautery device."

Dr. Red Alinsod removed Ingrid Paulicivic's uterus during an operation at his Orange County office in 2006, according to the complaint posted on The Smoking Gun's website. The Laguna Beach doctor carved "Ingrid" on the organ, according to the site, because he "did not want to get it confused with others."

Alinsod told the site that labeling of body parts in that manner is not typical. But, he said, he "felt comfortable putting her name on the uterus" since the 47-year-old hairdresser was a "good friend."

Paulicivic's attorney, Devan Mullins, told that his client did not know her physician before consulting him for the operation. Paulicivic and her husband learned of the branding during a follow-up visit, the lawyer said.


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September 14th, 2010
01:33 PM ET

France approves burqa ban

The French Senate approved Tuesday a law banning any veils that cover the face - including the burqa, the full-body covering worn by some Muslim women.

The legislation was overwhelmingly approved by the lower house of parliament in July and is supported by a majority of people in France.


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September 14th, 2010
01:21 PM ET

Tuesday's intriguing people

Wayne Rooney

Soccer fans worldwide are wondering if the British striker for Manchester United - benched this weekend following a sex scandal - will be on the field Tuesday evening. While his coach denies any retribution toward Rooney, fans have angrily harassed the young player after allegations that he paid women for sex while his wife was pregnant last year. Two prostitutes came forward in the scandal.

While the 24-year-old Rooney and his wife Coleen have apparently reconciled, Rooney still faces other fallout from the scandal. Coca-Cola is considering firing him from a lucrative endorsement deal, according to Australia’s Herald Sun. Tiger Woods reportedly lost at least $12 million in endorsements following his own sex scandal, the paper said.

Herald Sun: Coca-Cola ready to ditch Wayne Rooney following alleged infidelities


September 14th, 2010
11:45 AM ET

Justice Department expects to sue BP

The Justice Department expects to sue BP for damages from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, according to a filing made Monday night with the U.S. District Court in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Justice Department attorneys told the court it might seek claims under the Oil Pollution Act, which was enacted in 1990 after the Exxon-Valdez oil spill, and the Clean Water Act, which gives the government the right to seek potentially huge penalties.


- From CNN's Alan Chenoff

September 14th, 2010
10:52 AM ET

Pediatrician wanted on child porn charges flees

The FBI was searching Tuesday for an Arizona pediatrician who is accused of distributing child pornography.

The suspect, Emilio Luna, was arrested on child pornography charges but was allowed to be confined in his house before his trial, the FBI said.


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September 14th, 2010
10:48 AM ET

In Middle East talks, core issues now on the table

The arduous Middle East peace talks continued on Tuesday in Egypt, where officials from Israel and the Palestinian Authority "have begun a serious discussion on core issues," a top U.S. diplomat said.

"They have agreed to begin first on working to achieve a framework agreement for permanent status. That work is now well under way," said U.S. special envoy George Mitchell.


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September 14th, 2010
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Detained American hiker freed in Iran

[Updated at 9:31 a.m.] Tehran Prosecutor General Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi told state-run television that "representatives" of American hiker Sarah Shourd paid her $500,000 bail to an Iranian bank in Muscat, Oman, after which a judge ordered her release Tuesday.

"She can leave Iran if she wants to," Dolatabadi said.

A diplomat at the Swiss embassy told Press TV that Shourd would be leaving Iran later Tuesday.

[Posted at 7:50 a.m.] Sarah Shourd, one of three American hikers detained for more than a year in Iran, has been released from prison, state-run Press TV reported Tuesday. Attorney Massoud Shafii, who is representing the hikers, had said everything was in place for Shourd's release once bail of $500,000 was submitted to the Iranian judiciary.

Shourd, 32; Shane Bauer, 28; and Josh Fattal, 28, were detained July 31, 2009, after they allegedly strayed across an unmarked border into Iran while hiking in Iraq's Kurdistan region.

Tehran has accused the three hikers of spying.  FULL STORY

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September 14th, 2010
09:21 AM ET

On the Radar: Iran hiker, medical pot, D.C. mayor race

Iran hiker released - Sarah Shourd, one of three American hikers detained for more than a year in Iran, has been released from prison, state-run Press TV reported Tuesday. Attorney Massoud Shafii, who is representing the hikers, had said everything was in place for Shourd's release once bail of $500,000 was submitted to the Iranian judiciary.

Shourd, 32; Shane Bauer, 28; and Josh Fattal, 28, were detained July 31, 2009, after they allegedly strayed across an unmarked border into Iran while hiking in Iraq's Kurdistan region. Tehran has accused the three hikers of spying.

California marijuana fight - As Californians consider a November ballot initiative to tax and regulate marijuana for recreational use, there are unlikely characters peppering the political landscape.


September 14th, 2010
07:35 AM ET

Tuesday's live video events

8:00 am ET - Judicial impeachment trial - A Congressional panel continues its impeachment trial against a federal judge accused of corruption.

9:00 am ET - First lady promotes health initiative -  First lady Michelle Obama attends the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Public Policy Conference in Washington to discuss her “Let’s Move!” initiative.

1:00 pm ET - Obama education address - President Obama delivers his second “back-to-school” address to the nation’s students at a school in Philadelphia.

2:00 pm ET - Pentagon briefing - Defense Secretary Robert Gates holds a briefing on the department’s new acquisition and procurement initiatives guidelines.

2:15 pm ET - Hearing on investigating rape cases - A Senate judiciary subcommittee hearings holds a hearing on the failure to report and investigate rape cases in the United States. Live is your home for breaking news as it happens.

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September 14th, 2010
05:10 AM ET

World update: French Senate votes on burqa ban

An update from the CNN newsdesk in London on some of the stories we're following today:

Burqa ban - France’s Senate votes today on a full ban on the burqa being worn in public. This is the second stage in a three-stage process which would see the proposal become law.

Popemobile - Max Foster goes to a special preview of the Popemobile, a bulletproof, modified, white Mercedes which will be used to transport the pope while he’s in the UK this week.

George Michael - George Michael will be hoping for Freedom today as he places his Faith in the UK’s judicial system to Listen Without Prejudice as he waits to hear if he will be jailed after being found guilty of driving under the influence of drugs. He will be hoping that the court will allow him One More Try to clean up his act.

European Champions League - The richest and most prestigious football competition gets under way this week as Inter Milan start the defence of their title.

Greece strikes - Freight truckers in Greece are set to strike today.

Fighting pirates - London camera heading down to Southampton to shoot a story on the latest techniques to fend off attacks by pirates, including a demonstration at sea.