September 28th, 2010
06:19 PM ET

Temporary halt on stem-cell research lifted

Federally funded embryonic stem-cell research can continue while the Obama administration appeals a federal judge's ruling against use of public funds for such research, after an appeals court lifted a temporary injunction.

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  1. jason

    this is great news for the science community, for the medical community, for future patients whose lives could depend on the fruits of such research. lets hope that this stem cell debate can end after this round of trials and the greatest scientists in the world here in america can finally do some real research in this supremely important field of biology right now.

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  2. Mathew

    Great news! Occasionally reason prevails.

    September 28, 2010 at 6:51 pm | Report abuse |
    • Robert

      How is this great news? More of our taxes are going to research that has never shown any success. In a time when deficits are at an all time high, we should not be wasting taxpayer money on research no investor is willing to back. Furthermore, embryonic stem cell research (which is the only research that had funds halted) is believed to be immoral by a large portion of the population. Given that fact alone, we should focus on adult stem cells which actually have shown success; no moral controversy and a science that is sound enough that has private backing.

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    • Patrick

      Do you know how long scientists have had to work with adult stem cells vs. embryonic stem cells, Robert? Perhaps you should look it up. Scientific advancement takes time. That argument, as far as I have seen, is only made by those who have no knowledge regarding the logistics of research and development.

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  3. Robert

    Stem cell research never halted. Only the tax payer funded research on embryonic stem cell research was halted. All legal experts agree this appeal will fail because the Obama administration's funding of this type of research was clearly in violation of law put in place by congress. They are merely using this temporary injection to transfer as many funds as possible while they can.

    I find it not amusing or professional for reporters to refuse to specify that the only funding cut off was tax payer funded research for embryonic stem cells and NOT for regular stem cell research. Furthermore, embryonic stem cell research has never once ever showed any success at all (which is why they want tax payer money to continue, investors are too wise).

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  4. D

    That's right! GET IN LINE

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  5. Postalranger

    If it was wrong on medical ethics grounds during the first ruling, it is still wrong on medical ethics grounds on the appeal. As a people, we can't use the hopes of untested research which kills human embryos to justify medical benefits for future patients. This is a slippery slope for which there is no return.

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  6. Numbaoneballa

    Just don't use any of The Bush family DNA and we should be all good

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  7. steven

    Oh my science, save me from religious idiots!

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  8. Randy

    Finally, a rare moment of sanity.

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  9. Robert Whipkey

    I would think that God would like us to know how to heal people with stem cell research. I believe God wants us to know these things and actually gets excited when we do discover new scientific breakthroughs. If you can think of how thrilled you are as a parent when your kid learns something new, think of God that way, he is thrilled when we learn something new.

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  10. WhiteKong78

    I'm going to school for biochemistry and believe in God. I find many people in opposing camps on this issue to be hypocrites. Many religious people think scientists are farming embryos just to get stem cells when in fact there are embryos that are going to be destroyed by a fertility clinic anyways. If a couple freezes some embryos and doesn't use all of them the clinic discards them aka throws them away. Why not get some use out of it? As enlightened as many scientists pretend to be the issue of people not wanting their hard earned tax money spent on abortion or stem cell research is their choice. Everyone pleads for understanding and compassion yet is unwilling to give it. The government wastes too much taxpayer money already. Let private companies and donors fund the research.

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    • Andrew

      Very solid point. I agree with you. I also believe it is a solid cause and can do a lot for us.

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  11. Jim Brieske

    I do not understand why the government makes stem cell research a public issue. If you're gonna keep making it a public issue then it deserves to be prevented.
    Some things you just do in secrecy for 5 or 10 years. If you achieve success you tell everyone. If you don't then shut it down and don't tell anyone you were ever doing it.
    What people don't know won't hurt them. This subject brings out too many emotions.
    Secrecy is called for.
    Although, it is kinda Frankensteinish.

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