October 1st, 2010
08:00 AM ET

Maryland official: 'We were dealing with the tidal storm surge'

Baltimore emergency responders are hoping to get streets reopened as flood waters begin to recede there.

Bob Maloney, director of the mayor's office of emergency management talks to Christine Roman's and John Roberts on American Morning.

Christine Romans: So yesterday you were doing an awful lot of preparation. You didn't want to have to go in there and rescue people today. How is that working out?

Bob Maloney: Well, we think we did well. We actually made residents in our lowest-lying area move their cars. And we think that we avoided a lot of damage. We were dealing the tidal storm surge and all the tremendous amount of rain coming downstream.

It was just a whole lot of rain for a long period of time. And we're in the process now of cleaning up some streets and cutting down - or cutting up trees that have fallen and repairing power lines. We're getting back on our feet. It was quite a storm.

John Roberts: Bob, many of us remember back to Hurricane Floyd when it came through our area. Pushed all that water up the top of the Chesapeake and flooded out neighborhoods in Baltimore. How bad was the tidal surge this time around?

Maloney: Well, this time the bigger problem was the rain because we had a lot of localized flooding. We had a lot of streets closed early on. The storm surge so to speak was not as bad. We think it came in around 5 feet. The harbor where the – most people who visit boston would be familiar with did come out of the banks somewhat. But it was definitely the rain this time. It didn't seem like we got a lot of wind, what was forecast. But i keep saying the word rain because it seems like it didn't stop. It was very, very remarkable.

Romans: All right. Thanks, Bob. Best of luck to you today as you wait for those flood waters recede and start the clean-up.

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  1. Judy

    II can't believe residents were so stupid you had to "make them move their cars". They couldn't figure that out on their own?

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