October 1st, 2010
09:18 AM ET

N.C. official: 'We have done 8 water rescues' from storms

The weather is taking a toll on the Carolinas, especially North Carolina where they have had more rain than they have ever seen in some areas along the coast. Some residents were cut off from the rest of the country with no way to get in or out on flooded roads.

Norman Bryson, deputy director for the office of emergency management in Jacksonville, North Carolina tells John Roberts and Christine Romans on American Morning about some of the water rescues and troubles plaguing the area.

Norman Bryson: Last night we had quite a bit of flooding in and around the areas. A lot of water's starting to recede and getting back into the area. We are finding a bit of roads underwashed and roads were crumbling. Right now we're getting teams out to try to make it safe for people traveling in and out of the area.

Christine Romans: You say eight water rescues so far. How have those gone?

Bryson: Actually, very good. So far, we have not had any deaths in the county. We have had as you said - we have done eight water rescues. Sometimes taken us quite a bit of time to get in and around the county just because of the roads being flooded and overall doing fairly good with that.

Roberts: Fortunate to not have any fatalities. Five people died.

Romans: In Washington county.

Roberts: Traffic accidents. Car hits puddle, starts to hydroplane and dives off of the road. Have you got everybody out of harm's way at this point or other people who may still be in the homes and not able to get snout.

That's what we're waiting for the sunlight to come up and see. We are getting people doing assessments in and around the area. There were some areas we couldn't get in to and this morning hoping to get in there and see what's going on with those.

Romans: What is the advice for people watching up and down the east coast with the floodwaters? I mean, from the emergency management perspective, are you cautioning people about driving if they don't have to?

Bryson: Yes. Absolutely. We have done media releases informing people if you do not have to get out, by all means, do not. Also, if you are having to get out, look. Take extra time. Give plenty of space between you and the next person. There may be a sink hole. There could be a washout or anything that you may come across in the roadway.

Yeah. Reminder to people to slow down driving, too. If you hit the puddles and suddenly you are on water skis instead of in a car. Norman Bryson, thank you, appreciate the update.

Bryson: Thank you.

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  1. Marines123

    Ill pray for all those infected by the storms!

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  2. Lisa baby

    My thoughts and prayers are with the folks affected by the storm

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