October 4th, 2010
09:15 PM ET

Sidiqi family speaks out about arrest

Ahmed Sidiqi, the man allegedly at the heart of an al Qaeda plot to target European cities, was detained by a group of unidentified men in Afghanistan three months ago, his family has told CNN.

German intelligence officials say Sidiqi was arrested in Kabul, Afghanistan, in July and has been held at the U.S. airbase at Bagram ever since. They say he has provided detailed information about an al Qaeda plot to carry out Mumbai-style attacks against several European cities. He has not been charged.

Sidiqi's father, Mohammed Naim, said his son was on his way to the German embassy in the Afghan capital to get a new passport when he was detained.

"It was a question of him having lost his passport or having had it stolen, he said," Naim told CNN.


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  1. okay


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  2. Brianc

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  4. Marines123

    They should of gave him a one way passport to the CIA interegation squad.

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  5. Marines123

    He's a low level wannabee Taliban. Waterboard him for good info please!

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