October 9th, 2010
08:17 AM ET

Drillers break through to Chile mine

A rescue drill has pierced the roof of an underground mine in Chile where 33 men have been trapped since August 5. Sirens went off at the mine site in Copiapo, Chile, signaling the breakthrough.

Read the full story here.

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  1. "The Truth"

    "God is still in the blessing business".....If you don't know, you better ask somebody;) "CHUUUCH"- ( In my Snoop Dog Voice)

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  2. T130 Fan

    Talked to Someone on the T130 Drill Team from the site moments after the breakthru today. He was overwhelmed with emotion. My husband and I were also overwhelmed and overjoyed as we watched the events unfold on CNN. We are so happy that the rescue came earlier then expected. We salute the everyone involved with the rescue effort!

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  3. hmmmm

    Time to bring in the cement and cap the well.Good job BP.it's about time.plug that sucker up for good now.oops wrong story.oh well.plug it anyways.can you imagine how bad it stinks in there with all that rotten chili.Ewww.just fill the hole back in with cement and leave them down there.this isn't even news.who cares?

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  4. hmmmm


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  5. hmm


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  6. phil

    @hmmm....Cement cannot, as you says "block" this well. Not long after this Deeepwater Horizon well blowout was thought to be contained, oceanographers (like the famous Jauque Cousteu's grandson) filmed oil spewing from the ocean floor up to 6 miles away from the well. Film footage of these leaks were shown on all the major networks. Then the federal gov. prohibited private research vessels from getting any closer than 60 miles to the well. Cementing the well will not stop the oil from flowing into the gulf. Let's say twice as much oil entered the gulf than what we've been told......that would still account for just a small percentage of oil leaking from the thousands of other gulf oilwells. Truth be told, the Mississippi River pollutes the gulf more than the BP/Shell "leak".

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  7. hmm


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  8. hmm

    It was a joke lamebrain

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  9. hmm

    It could block the one in chile though

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  10. phil

    @hmmmm, ya don't say. I know you were joking. I just siezed the opportunity to disclose some of what I know about the BP/Shell debacle.

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  11. bearwoodstock

    i cant believe they all got trapped but god saved them hes up there and he cares keep it real big man upstairs

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