October 17th, 2010
10:02 AM ET

Israel resumes negotiations for soldier's release

Israel is back in contact with a mediator who is trying to broker a deal for the release of captured soldier Gilad Shalit, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday.

"There was a renewal of contact with the German mediator," Netanyahu said in a radio interview Sunday.

"We are acting on the issue of Gilad on an almost daily basis - not almost - we are acting all the time in different and varied ways to try and bring him back," he said.

"One of these ways, a central way, is these negotiations that were renewed a few weeks ago." Netanyahu said.

Hamas spokesman Ayman Taha told CNN that the German mediator visited Gaza a few weeks ago, but no progress was made, he said.

Shalit, now 24, has been held since June 25, 2006, when Palestinian militants from Gaza captured him.

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