October 19th, 2010
05:59 AM ET

World update: French strike expected to hit flights

An update from the newsdesk in London on the stories we're following on Tuesday:

France strikes – People were taking to the streets in France again on Tuesday, a day before Sarkozy’s controversial pension reform bill is set to become law. There have been further skirmishes between students and police in French suburbs, and demonstrations are planned throughout the country. Many flights from several airports are expected to be canceled. Read the full story

Chechen attack - Three suicide bombers launched an attack on the Chechen parliament Tuesday, killing at least three people, officials told CNN. The exact number of casualties in the attack was unclear.

Congo rape - It continues; it keeps happening.  Heavily-armed fighters swept through the village of Kahungu, Democratic Republic of Congo, just a few days ago.  They brought violent rape to the women and girls of Kahungu. Nima Elbagir made it to that village Saturday, and the trauma center dealing with the victims.

Deauville meeting - Sarkozy, Merkel and Medvedev hold news conference Tuesday after two-day meeting in Deauville. Moscow's ambassador to EU said Sunday “they would like Russia and the EU to be able to take joint decisions.”

UK defense review - PM David Cameron presents the Strategic Defence Review on Tuesday ahead of Wednesday’s National Spending Review.

Saudi prince murder trial - The jury is expected to reach a verdict in the trial against Saudi Prince al Saud who was seen on CCTV footage beating his aide in a lift only weeks before found dead. Media reports say the victim was also the prince's lover, but al Saud has insisted they were only friends.

High-speed train – A German high-speed train will be unveiled at St Pancras in London today ahead of a London to Frankfurt service which will start in December 2013. European countries are investing in high-speed rail travel as an alternative to short-haul flights.

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