October 22nd, 2010
05:27 PM ET

Reports: Secret Iraq docs reveal 'war crimes'

The New York Times, the British newspaper The Guardian and Germany's Der Spiegel have published what they say are secret documents about the Iraq war.

The whistleblower Web site WikiLeaks published Friday classified military documents from Iraq war. The release includes nearly 400,000 documents.

CNN was offered access to the documents in advance of the release but declined because of conditions that were attached to accepting the material.

The Guardian reports that the documents outline "torture, summary executions and war crimes."  The New York Times reports on Iran's alleged involvement in the war, in addition to several other angles. Der Spiegel introduces its report with this: "The field reports from soldiers cast a new light on the war - documenting in a unique way how the highly armed American military was helpless in the conflict for years."

A group of 120 Department of Defense experts has been poring over hundreds of thousands of "Significant Action Reports" that they expected to be posted to the WikiLeaks site. But even though the classified documents contain the names of Iraqi civilians who have cooperated with the United States, the Defense Department has not warned those Iraqis that their names may soon be posted online.

"We don't want to start notifying people and then find out that their names aren't in any of these documents that are released," Col. David Lapan, a top Pentagon spokesman, said Friday. "Why put people through the trouble and the concern for no reason?" READ FULL COVERAGE OF THE UNFOLDING WIKILEAKS STORY

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  6. texvet

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  9. ernest

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