October 27th, 2010
12:17 PM ET

Workers attempt to reach Indonesia quake, tsunami victims

At least 282 people were killed by a magnitude 7.7 earthquake that struck off Indonesia and a subsequent tsunami, and 411 people remain missing, Indonesia's Antara state news agency reported Wednesday.

Rescuers and aid workers were struggling to reach the victims in the remote, hard-hit Mentawai Islands region of Indonesia.

"It's very difficult" to reach the region either by boat or road, said Andrew Judge, CEO of the nonprofit SurfAid International.

At least one team, from the Indonesian Red Cross, had to turn back because of high seas. The organization was set to try again Wednesday, taking some 400 body bags, said spokeswoman Aulia Arriani. The trip takes 10 hours in good conditions, according to aid agencies.


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