October 28th, 2010
06:09 AM ET

World update: French unions call last-ditch strikes

An update from the CNN newsdesk in London on the stories we're following on Thursday:

More France strikes - The French Pension Reform Bill now goes to the courts to determine whether it is constitutional. Unions have called for a national strike Thursday against pension reform. Read the full story

Uganda homophobia - Stosh Mugisha is breaking Taboos. She is in love with a woman, and it almost killed her. Two weeks ago she was outed by a Ugandan tabloid that called on people to “hang” gay Ugandans. Their house was surrounded by a mob and they had to flee. CNN's David McKenzie investigates attitudes towards gays in Uganda and finds that an “anti-gay” bill that was supposed to be shelved is very much on the cards again. Watch the report

Nigeria weapons - Christian Purefoy heads to Lagos Port where the security forces have seized a massive cache of weapons including rockets and mortars disguised as floor-tiles. CNN speaks to the national security advisor during a brief inspection as this seizure proffers a warning that trouble lies ahead of the 2011 elections.

EU Summit - The European Union goes into Thursday's summit determined to draw up new rules to avoid economic crises by focussing on fiscal discipline and economic governance. UK PM David Cameron and other heads of State expected to attend.

Germany’s Foreign Ministry’s dark past - A study commissioned by former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer comes out on Thursday, investigating how much the German Foreign Office was complicit in the Holocaust.  Fischer said he “felt sick” when he read its findings - that German diplomats were involved in the Holocaust everywhere in Europe and that there was an extensive cover-up of diplomats' pasts under Chancellors Konrad Adenuaer and Willy Brandt.  

Spain austerity - Spanish union leaders have announced that they will continue their campaign of protests and demonstrations in protest over the government's labor reform. They also announced a major demonstration to coincide with a "Europe-wide" protest on December 18. The unions say their fight against the Socialist party's labour reform is not yet over.  All Goodman reports.

Hotel Rwanda owner accused - A man depicted as a hero in the movie "Hotel Rwanda" is slamming accusations by Rwandan authorities that he helped fund a rebel group. Paul Rusesabagina's efforts to save hundreds during the 1994 genocide are depicted in the Oscar-nominated movie starring Don Cheadle.

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