October 31st, 2010
08:19 AM ET

Female engineering student arrested in alleged terror plot

A female engineering student has been arrested in Yemen as authorities investigate an apparent plot to bomb airplanes with devices hidden inside computer printers, a Yemeni human rights lawyer said.

Hanan Al-Samawi is a fifth-year student at Sanaa University, in Yemen's capital, said Abdul-Rahman Barman. The student's mother, Amatulillah Mohammed, has also been arrested, Barman told CNN, calling the arrest of the mother illegal.

The lawyer and human rights activist does not know where the mother and daughter are, he said, adding that authorities holding them in an unknown location "is a criminal act."

The student's father, Mohammed Al-Samawi, said she is innocent, according to Barman. READ FULL STORY

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  2. Big Game James

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  15. cat

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