November 10th, 2010
11:14 AM ET

Wednesday's intriguing people

Eric Schmidt

The Google CEO wrote in an e-mail to employees that the company wants to lift morale. What better way than with across-the-board pay raises?

Beginning in January, every Google employee on Earth – that’s about 23,000 folks – will receive a 10 percent raise, according to media reports.

That’s not all, though. Business Insider reported that employees will also receive a raise equivalent to their annual target bonus and performance-based “merit increases.” If that isn’t enough to give you employer envy, Google is also paying the taxes on its employees’ $1,000 holiday bonuses.

Business Insider, which printed an e-mail it believes to be from Schmidt to employees, reported the CEO also said a recent survey showed employees valued salary more than other components of their pay so a portion of their bonuses is being moved to their base salary.

“Googlers, you are what makes this company great, and our goal here is to recognize you for your contribution, in a way that’s meaningful to you. Thank you for all that you do, and for making Google a place where magic happens,” Schmidt reportedly wrote.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the pay hike is an attempt to stave off competition for its talent, especially from Facebook Inc. About 10 percent of Facebook’s workers are Google veterans, it said.

While the raises are sure to be a hit with Google’s workforce, the newspaper said that they are also sure to raise concerns among investors about Google’s expenses.

It’s difficult to estimate what the raises will cost the search giant, but the holiday bonuses alone will run more than $20 million.


November 10th, 2010
10:14 AM ET

On the Radar: Alaska ballots, veterans events, CMA Awards

An absentee ballot shows a write-in vote for U.S. Senate candidate Lisa Murkowski.

Alaska ballot count - Alaska election officials will begin counting write-in ballots Wednesday despite a federal court challenge by the campaign of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller, state director Gail Fenumiai said.

Miller is believed to be locked in a tight race with incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who ran as a write-in candidate. In last week's election, Miller received 34 percent of the vote, Democrat Scott McAdams, who conceded, collected 24 percent, and 41 percent of ballots were for write-in candidates.

The complaint filed in federal court Tuesday asks Fenumiai's office to "adhere" to state law in the counting of write-in ballots, limiting what the suit called "subjective" voter intent rules that were issued this week. The suit requests a court hearing Wednesday over the rules and asks for an injunction.


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November 10th, 2010
08:59 AM ET

Gotta Watch: Deer in a bar, stylish riot gear

You don't have to go home, but you can't stay, deer: So, a deer walks into a bar... OK, maybe walks isn't quite right. Let's try bounds, crashes, stumbles into a bar. We get an inordinate amount of deer videos here at CNN. No one's sure why, but type the word "deer" into the CNN search box and you'll see what I mean. In this video, a whitetail in Ohio says, "Forget the foraging, I need a brew," and plows through a window, shoots a stink-eye to the bartender, sidesteps a surprised customer/amateur lion tamer, bounds out a back door and chases a kitchen manager, turning the parking lot into a Midwest version of Pamplona. Now, the bar has a new kitschy special: Two beers for a buck.



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November 10th, 2010
07:27 AM ET

Wednesday's live video events

9:00 am ET - Pilot fatigue briefing - “Miracle on the Hudson” pilot Chesley Sullenberger joins the Coalition of Airline Pilots Association for a briefing on concerns over proposed FAA regulations on pilot flight time.

10:00 am ET - Jim Leyritz trial - The DUI manslaughter trial of former New York Yankees catcher Jim Leyritz continues today in Broward County, Florida.


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November 10th, 2010
01:51 AM ET

Washington may ban 'blackout in a can'

The Washington State Liquor Control Board will vote Wednesday on whether to ban the sale of alcoholic energy drinks in the state after a drink that some call "blackout in a can" sickened nine college students.

Last month, nine Central Washington University students were hospitalized after an off-campus party.

The students said they got sick after drinking "Four Loko," a caffeinated malt liquor also known as "blackout in a can," according to a police investigation.

Investigators concluded that none of the students were drugged or given alcohol without their knowledge, according to a school statement.


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