November 17th, 2010
11:23 AM ET

Gotta Watch: Bad prison flicks, 'Poacher X,' 1st royal wedding

Inmates subjected to bad movies - Do inmates have a right to television in jail? Debatable. However, a federal judge is reviewing a case filed by inmate James Poulin who says he has a right to media. Poulin claims he and other inmates are subjected to the same movies over and over instead of basic programming. Sounds like a case of torture, but then again, if President George W. Bush is still defending waterboarding ...

Mystery hunter loads gun and video - He calls himself "Poacher X." He's no super villain, but the Idaho Department of Fish and Game thinks he's one bad dude. The agency says on Nov. 12, "Poacher X" sent in photos of a deer and antelope he'd allegedly killed, bragging about the hunt and threatening to do it again. Officials suspect he's angry about paying out-of-state fees to legally hunt in the state, which they say can add up to as much as $500. The only clue as to the identity of this heinous hunter? The letter's postmark: Everett, Washington.

Old school royal wedding - We dug deep into the vaults of the CNN library to find this gem. The footage shows Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip as they tied the knot back in 1947 at Westminster Abbey. Click on the video to see where royal wedding paparazzi-palooza began, surely a moment we can all cherish.

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