December 2nd, 2010
11:48 AM ET

Gotta Watch: Mad otter dead; intense storms in Southeast

Mad otter found dead - You may remember the first reports of otter attacks a few weeks ago when a dog was bitten by an aggressive otter. This story raised some eyebrows considering the generally friendly nature of these creatures. But then came a string of other reports that several people had been bitten.

Hard proof of this strange crime came of course in the form of a teen's cell phone video as he is chased by one very aggressive otter. Naturally, this video went viral. If you're looking for the famous mad otter, however, you may be out of luck. It was reportedly found dead in a lake.

Let's talk about the weather - Bad weather strikes different parts of the country every day, and it's easy for eyes to glaze over when stumbling upon story after story about damage inflicted by powerful storms and tornadoes.

But this past week, the Southeast took a direct hit from a particularly bad front, and in this video friends and neighbors just like yours stand in the wreckage of the lives they've built for years and wonder how they will start over. In a strange congruence, families from four different states share the same life-changing experience on the same day.

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