House passes tax cut extension for families making less than $250,000
December 2nd, 2010
04:00 PM ET

House passes tax cut extension for families making less than $250,000

The House of Representatives passed legislation Thursday extending the Bush-era tax cuts only for families making $250,000 a year or less.


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  1. really?

    I think the argument has been lost here in that people do not realize that the top 2% includes small businesses as well as private individuals. Under the current tax structure, small businesses are able (and will continue to still)to get tax credits based on their expenditures for running a businesses.Credits on expenditures like hiring new employees and paying for the persons health care, ex cetera. The argument should be about the rest of the 2% that does not fall under the category of small business but as individuals, like the hedge fund managers and wall street traders who works for firms. Have you seen any of them hire someone? Is like me being hired by a firm and then turning around and hiring somone to sit at my desk.

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  2. really?

    Should that part of the top 2% be rewarded?

    Sorry, my post was cut off from the previous

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  3. texas

    Do any of you work for a poor person? People who make 250,000+ hire lanscapers,house cleaning, spend money on vacations. I know if I knew my taxes were going up, I would no longer hire the landscaper, house cleaning or go on vacation other than local. So how has raising my taxes create jobs? In fact jobs could be lost. Just a thought

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  4. Cesar

    What's up with Jim? He's expressing himself in an unusual manner for him.

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  5. TeeJay

    How many of those $250K middle class citizens are corporate lapdogs, not business owners? We are talking about "personal income", not the income of small LLCs and LLPs. Who the heck decided that 250K is middle class, anyway? They should try to live on my 17K a year.

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  6. RonG

    The govt's debt problem is a reflection of it's citizens individual debt problems. I say raise taxes, either way it's gonna hurt. It'll just hurt the rich a lot less. Better to get it overwith as quickly as possible. This debt is making us the slaves of china, they have command over our govt because of all debt they own. Considering what's happening in Korea, that's a Dangerous situation.

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