Police: Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen was victim of random robbery
December 8th, 2010
06:19 PM ET

Police: Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen was victim of random robbery

Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen was the random victim of a robbery by Harold Martin Smith, who committed suicide when confronted by police
days later, Beverly Hills Detective Sgt. Mike Publicker said Wednesday.

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  1. Protoman

    Oh my God no!!! Who is this woman and why should I put her life over countless others who are murdered daily?

    December 8, 2010 at 9:35 pm | Report abuse |
  2. kim

    Where wilkilink when you need it. It all very strange a five direct hits to victim by a man on a bike but he didnt think to steal the dam car yet this is suppose to be a robbery! What do they think the public is so stupid we will just believe this. WHAT CRAP! Whats wrong with finding out the truth.

    December 8, 2010 at 9:40 pm | Report abuse |
  3. Veritas

    To bad he had to take an innocent life before he did the right thing and killed himself.

    December 8, 2010 at 9:58 pm | Report abuse |
  4. Dre

    BS, I don't buy it, this smells like a cover up. This woman was executed, the robbery is just a red herring.

    December 8, 2010 at 11:06 pm | Report abuse |
  5. reenajose

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    December 9, 2010 at 4:47 am | Report abuse |
  6. Frank

    Dear Attorney General Holder and People of the United States,
    Just for arguments sake,lets say this Black excon did it for robbery only.It is then a Black on White Crime.Since you think Americans are cowards about Race Issues how about this to start a line of communication that I am sure would be controveral.How about the end of every week someone like Rev Al Sharpton read off the list of names of Black People CONVICTED of CRIMES against WHITE PEOPLE on the radio and have someone like Rush Limbaugh read off the names of WHITE PEOPLE who are CONVICTED of CRIMES against BLACK PEOPLE,I am sure that would raise some eyebrows.

    December 9, 2010 at 9:59 am | Report abuse |
  7. Nat

    How about the hollowed bullets..and how it had to be personal??

    December 9, 2010 at 11:27 am | Report abuse |
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