December 9th, 2010
11:39 AM ET

China's education 'not as much drill and kill as everyone seems to stereotype'

Professor Jonathan Plucker from the Center for Evaluation & Education Policy at Indiana University talks to "American Morning" about why China’s students seem to be on top of the “A” list.

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  1. dan

    what are they doing different? China doesn't have a culture that rewards and admires stupidity, idolizes entertainers and atheletes, and/or ridicules people who enjoy math and science.

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  2. Mary

    They also don't have stupid laws like No Child Left Behind or requirements to mainstream special ed students. Our government has legislated the dumbing down of America. Not every person can learn and it's wrong to hold an entire class of students back so little Johnie can try to grasp consepts that are beyond his ability to comprehend. Chinese students also attend school more days out of the year than American students, including attending on Saturdays. American kids are short changed by the American lack of educational system. Stop 'standardized' testing and allow teachers to start teaching kids again!

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    • Mmmmm

      Mary get your butt up and work Saturdays...that's for the newbies, the last on the totem pole...Mary Mary so contrary!

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  3. Mmmmm

    When in Rome do like the romans do. When in America as Americans do! Grades isn't everything and only indicative that you pass a course...nothing else. China has a lot of human rights violations and persecute much for a great country! Why don't the Bigshot Media cover this! The secondary school desks in USA is taxed and paid for the American child. It's a tragedy to see their desires overlooked to educate foreigners that have no interest or well being to this nation, its communities, its military, or its citizens! Charity begins at home. Stop pimpin' American resources! Stop turning American into a who re for Babylon!

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  4. Bob

    The internet is the wh ore that sitteth upon the earth. It is an ungodly disharmony of malfunction. The Chinees know this and will use every tactic to subvert this information to no good ends.
    Well this is how it is China.
    The power of christ compels you.
    The power of christ compels you.

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  5. pauly

    problem in this country (us) kids are being taught WHAT to think.

    December 10, 2010 at 12:16 am | Report abuse |
  6. ENO_ Enjoy it... more coming soon...

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  7. ENO_

    US MIL website hacked...

    December 10, 2010 at 4:23 pm | Report abuse |