Stocks, oil prices hit highs as investors wind down 2010
December 22nd, 2010
08:04 PM ET

Stocks, oil prices hit highs as investors wind down 2010

Markets close higher as oil passes $90 
Stocks climbed to hit fresh two-year highs Wednesday, as investors began to pack up for the holidays and prepare for 2011.

The Dow Jones industrial average added 26 points to end 0.2% higher at 11,559.49 - its highest level since August 28, 2008.

The S&P 500 added 0.3% to end at its highest level since September 19, 2008. Meanwhile the tech-heavy Nasdaq ticked up 0.2% to its highest settle
since December 28, 2007.

The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq have posted gains for 14 of the month's 16 trading sessions so far. All three major indexes are positioned for double-digit gains for the year.

Oil prices were in the spotlight Wednesday after a weekly report showed
crude stockpiles dropped by 5.3 million barrels last week. The report sent
crude prices up to settle at about $90.48 a barrel. Oil prices haven't settled
above $90 a barrel since October 2008.

Oil settles above $90, copper rises 
Oil prices passed the $90 a barrel mark on Wednesday after news that the nation's crude oil supply fell more than expected last week. They settled at about $90.48 a barrel.

Crude inventories fell by a higher-than-expected 5.3 million barrels from the week prior. Analysts surveyed by energy research firm Platts had expected the stockpile to fall by 2.4 million barrels. Oil prices haven't settled above $90 a barrel since October of 2008.

Copper prices also hovered near record highs. The metal is up nearly 30%
this year. Copper prices, unlike prices of precious metals, usually move up and down in line with economic growth. Spikes in silver and gold often are more tied to inflation concerns than actual demand for those metals.

Wednesday's spike in copper was due to a disruption of shipping from the world's third largest copper mine, as well as expectations of rising investment demand, said Catherine Virga, director of research at CPM Group.

Light volume stalls Treasuries

Treasury prices ticked slightly lower Wednesday after reports on U.S. gross domestic product and home sales failed to move the market amidst extremely light volume.

Before the market open, the Commerce Department said the economy grew 2.6% in the third quarter - slightly more than the 2.5% previously reported.

And after the opening bell, National Association of Realtors' monthly report said sales of previously owned homes jumped 5.6% in November to an annual rate of 4.68 million. The rate was down 27.9% from 12 months earlier, but still better than expected.

But market movements were muted as investors worked to shore up end-of-the-year positions and lock in gains.

 - reporters Julianne Pepitone, Charles Riley and Laurie Segall contributed to this report.

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    • the TRUE STORY of the BP oil spill ...

      what can we do when, max 10 years from now, the oil will rise to $200-300 or more per barrel ???

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