Gotta watch: parliament plunge; granny robber; surfing Santa; seismic state
December 24th, 2010
11:28 AM ET

Gotta watch: parliament plunge; granny robber; surfing Santa; seismic state

Man plunges off parliament balcony in protest – A Romanian man protesting government spending cuts threw himself 23 feet from a balcony as the Prime Minister began speaking. Television engineer Adrian Sobaru was apparently upset over the budget cuts that were going to affect benefits for his autistic son. The leap was broadcast live on national television while the Romanian Parliament was in the process of a no-confidence vote. The man survived with non life-threatening injuries. The government survived the no-confidence vote.

Granny's got a gun – A Minnesota man thought he was just being neighborly when he offered a 70-year-old woman next door a ride to the bank. Unbeknownst to him, however, his drive home was now a getaway. Security cameras caught the sweet old lady hitting up the local savings and loan for more than $3,000 and a free 2011 calendar, and left the man with some serious explaining to do.

Hang 10 Santa – Every year we get a handful of videos of Santa trading in his sleigh for a surfboard. No one is really sure how the man in red has so much time for leisure during the peak of pre-holiday rush, but I'm sure there are some elves in the North Pole complaining that the boss man has all the fun.

Something strange is brewing under Arkansas – Arkansas has become a recent hotbed for seismic activity. Locals claim there are at least two quakes a day and sometimes as many as ten! CNN's Sarah Hoye investigates the recent rash of shake-ups and finds that the cause may be close to home.

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  1. bambam

    The lumper landed on the ur cat mr

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  2. Pkm

    And i thought granny was getting my christmas present

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