8 people die in New Orleans fire
December 28th, 2010
06:29 AM ET

8 people die in New Orleans fire

Eight people died in a fire in an abandoned building in New Orleans overnight, the city fire department said Tuesday.

The victims are believed to have been homeless.

A fire department dispatcher said the call came in shortly before 2 a.m.

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  1. Cherise

    I am one of these "travelling kids" and just heard about this fire. I'm worried sick about friends of mine who are in new orleans and who I know have stayed in that building before. Infact, I have also stayed in that building many of times. It was one of the only places you could stay without the police arresting you and taking you to jail. I hope they release the names of these poor kids so I can get some sleep knowing whether or not it was friends of mine.

    December 28, 2010 at 8:15 pm | Report abuse |
  2. Sean in New Orleans

    This is a sad story. I live in New Orleans and all of these victims were in their late teens and early twenties and were transient youths. It is pitiful that they think that they have it together when in reality they are so far from what we, in this country, know as "the normal life." They interviewed a few friends of these victims on the news and they spoke of this place as a good place...they lived there, cooked three meals a day, set up a basketball court, a yard to play in with their dogs, cleaned the place, etc. They truly think of this place as "nice." Reality–the building was a failing warehouse that had no power, running water, windows, etc. And the kids obviously were trespassing on private property. And, now, we have 8 dead kids....known in New Orleans as "gutter punks." However, I think a better term is transient youths. And, yes, now authorities have to track down who they are, find their families, and bring this tragic news. Only 1 was from New Orleans–the rest were from other parts of the country. It was in the 20's last night and they were trying to stay warm. They should have been in a warm, SAFE house. This is sad and it is also Stupid of these smart, rebellious youths to die like this. They've missed out on a whole life.

    December 28, 2010 at 10:59 pm | Report abuse |
    • Relative

      Sean, you hit the nail on the head. We believe that my niece perished in this fire and are waiting on positive identification. Such a terrible tragedy. She was not an abandoned child, just smart and willful as you have described. Her family thinks of her often and loves her. She was not a victim of Hurricane Katrina. Her family is a victim of this tragedy and are sick with grief. I hope that the cruel critics out there never have to experience anything even close to this. It is horrific. It makes me very sad to read some of the insensitive remarks made. Thank you for your sensitive and accurate remarks.

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    i wonder if as they were burning up if they were thinking i should have listened to my parents and stayed in school and listened to my teachers and not did drugs.

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  4. Angela E

    Okay I have read good comments and some really cruel comments. One of the girls believed to have perished in this fire is my cousin. We are not sure yet. She was not homeless. She was not uneducated. she was not a druggie. or an alcoholic. She came from a family who loved her, adored her, cherished her, listened to her, And supported her in this adventure. She wanted to see the other side of life. So all the labels in the world that you want to place on this group of young people are very unfounded. Say what you want. But just remember you to will die someday and I hope that you get just as disrepected as you are doing to these 8 people. Enough said.

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  5. A Mother

    My son is a friend of one of these victims. She was loved and her friends and family are grieving for her. How dare those that did not know these victims pass such cruel judgement. Your ignorance of the world outside your sheltered life is what forms wars, gangs, and the unsightliness of prejudice. May those that left this world in this tragic fire rest in peace. May the family and friends of these human beings find comfort in knowing that they are in a better place. A place were peace is yours for being yourself.

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  6. Seriously

    They weren't lemmings like the rest of you that do what everyone tells you to do. These kids were free spirits. They enjoyed life everyday and lived FREE. You all need to stop worrying about everyone else and worry about your own problems. No one says these kids were drug addicts and alcoholics. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. One of my good friends thinks they know one of the victims and these people are mourning right now. FAMILIES are mourning right now. They lived life better than half of you. Worry about your own life. Everyone has lost someone. What ever happened to respect?!

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  7. Tex

    These were some good guys. Just some kids trying to travel and live life the way they thought best. I heard about this a few hours after it happened from friends here in Texas who were about to catch a train to meet them for new years eve. They will be missed. They were not just nameless victims to be written off. Reall, screw anyone on here making fun of this story.

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  8. freddie

    SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!! who do you think you are?! because you sit there on your cozy couches, in front of your fireplaces, with your 2.3 kids, & a pretty white picket fence, you think you're better than these kids? i am one of these so called "traveling kids" & those PEOPLE in there,(becos thats what they are, theyre PEOPLE just like you i see some of you are seeming to forget that) are my friends! the audacity of some of you, such cruel, HATEful, HURTful, things to say. these kids were'nt your average junkie bums. you dont know anything about any one of them, so what gives you the right to say such things? these kids were very talented, musicians, writers, poets if i may, & artists. these kids LOVED life, & lived it to the fullest. you should be jealous, we may live a simple, meek, existence, finding shelter wherever we can, & living off the scraps of your oh so precious society, but AT LEAST WE'RE HAPPY. you find your happiness, in your dolce gabanna, & coach knockoffs, with your 200 sunglesses, & we find ours in the sunshine on our backs, the cold water we drink on a hot day, the smile & laughter of dear friends, we take nothing in life for granted, something that you all should take a lesson in. call us what you will, but we are not "gutter punks" and "druggies" and "alcoholics" - now granted, there are those few who have seemingly lost there way, but thats in EVERY culture, dont bash ours, take a look around you before you start throwing such harsh terms around. these kids had families, & friends who are much like family, that care very deeply for them, & we are all mourning for these beautiful souls that have left us here in shambles like thismay they all rest in peace<3. so again i say shame on you, i can only hope that when your time comes, you are treated with the same such disrespect!

    January 8, 2011 at 7:19 pm | Report abuse |
    • 12

      Love you Freddie. I'll miss those kids and you guys really should be jealous, we're not debt stricken depressed and generally unhappy like the rest of America. You people just don't understand that no matter if they were Traveling kids or Millionaires they were good PEOPLE (thats right I said people) trying to stay warm on a cold night, they weren't trash to be burnt. These people were friends of mine and their friends and families will miss them even if you jerks don't. All deceased and their families should be treated with the same respect that you one day hope to have when you pass all though you clearly don't deserve it. Enjoy your meaningless empty sad existences while they last these dead kids have more love and respect than you could ever dream of.

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  9. olde gregg

    oh and it is no suprise to me that cnn censors their blog cuz they sensor the news they tell you too.


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  10. olde gregg

    they wont even put my post up cuz i have something controversal to say that they don't like but they'll let some one refer to new orleans as "chocolate city"

    explain that

    January 8, 2011 at 8:47 pm | Report abuse |
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