Gotta Watch: Wayward gators, chopper blasts calf, blizzard buries deck
December 28th, 2010
11:21 AM ET

Gotta Watch: Wayward gators, chopper blasts calf, blizzard buries deck

Wayward gators – As part of this week's Gotta Watch, is featuring some of our favorite videos from this year. Today, we're rolling out our finest alligator videos from 2010. Alligators have a tendency to end up where they are unwelcome and, as you can probably guess, the fate of some of these gators is a bit grim.

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Calf blown to safety – A few years ago, a local news helicopter used the wind from its spinning blades to blow a deer to safety. It's now become the preferred method for freeing wayward animals caught without their ice skates. In this video, the Bambi-esque stumbling of a small calf on a frozen pond is adorable enough to garner attention, but the rescue makes the video captivating. All in a day's work for KWTV out of Oklahoma.

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Three feet of snow bury home in half a minute – Those of us who don't see winter weather very often may find it hard to fathom snow falling several feet at a time. iReporter Michael Black captures the full glory of a 20 hour storm that dumped more than 36 inches on his home all in 30 seconds with the help of a time-lapse camera.

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  1. Bill Bernsohn

    Can't get any of the videos on this page to play. What's the deal?

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    • Fish

      Works for me...

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  2. E-Man

    Respect for that cat!!!

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  3. BadPatient

    He probably wanted to be a dentist when he grows up (if he lives that long).

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