Website lets taxpayers redirect breaks
December 30th, 2010
02:50 PM ET

Website lets taxpayers redirect breaks

A group of academics has created a website where users can calculate how much the recently renewed federal tax cuts are worth to them and donate that amount to charity. "is intended both to make it easy for those with extra moolah to donate and to send a political message that they are doing so," according to the ABA Journal.

Three Ivy League professors, a law student and a designer created the site out of opposition to the extension of tax benefits for the wealthy, the founders write on the site.

"GiveItBackforJobs enables joint action, by all visitors to this site, to redirect our Bush tax cuts to the wise and just programs that our government would promote if it had not been hijacked," they write.

"As more and more Americans do so, GiveItBackforJobs will begin to replicate good government policy, outside the government and free from the grip of Senate Republicans."

Users simply select their filing status (single, married filing jointly, etc.) and enter their adjusted gross income. The site calculates the tax savings under the law. The resulting amount can then be donated on the same page to Habitat for Humanity, the Salvation Army, the Children's Aid Society, Nurse Family Partnership, or a charity of the user's choice.

Those behind the site are Jacob Hacker, a political science professor at Yale University; Robert Hockett, a law professor at the Cornell Law School; Daniel Markovits, a law professor at Yale Law School; Will Gaybrick, a second-year law student at Yale; and Lukasz Lysakowski, an art director and designer living in the Bay Area.

"Ordinary citizens can, by acting together to create a shadow fiscal policy, correct this failure of government and set the country moving toward a just prosperity," the site's founders write.

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    We are a nation which revolves around consumption. Businesses have gotten rich off of this and now they want to enjoy the benefits of personal tax breaks. That is bull. Lets tax consumption. Soda, Alcohol, candy, cars, clothes 25%. We would consume less, waste less. The things that we buy in surplus should contribute to the government. Bring back a balance of power between business and govenment. Those who have more money...spend more money...and would pay more tax. Simple solution....

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  2. A. Gordon

    Good write up. I saw a story on about how single parents can make the most of tax breaks. You don't hear much about this so I figured I'd share the link.

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  3. ferien spanien

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