Reports: Car bomb outside Egyptian church kills at least 21
December 31st, 2010
09:50 PM ET

Reports: Car bomb outside Egyptian church kills at least 21

[Update 7:16 a.m.] The death toll in a car bombing outside a church in Alexandria, Egypt has risen to at least 21, officials say.

[Original post] A car bomb outside a church in Alexandria, Egypt, killed at least seven people and wounded at least 24 others early Saturday, Egyptian state media reported, citing unnamed security officials.

The car bomb exploded at 12:20 a.m. in front of the Church of Two Saints, where Coptic Christians were attending
services, Egypt's Nile TV reported.

A nearby mosque was damaged and eight Muslims were among the injured, according to Egypt's MENA news service.

Egyptian officials are blaming foreign elements for the attack, MENA reported.

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  1. New Horizon

    When New Generations of young adults (who have not been brainwashed)- from different religious affiliation, from different social backgrounds, and from different economical stature band together and network, HISTORY has shown that they can dramatically change the very social fabric that has divided many nations, countries, communities and certainly many towns. Social matter such as "Equality for all" started because of young college students all banded together to collectively and changed history. I can list many more social issues that young adults had a hand in changing for the positive....

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  2. New Horizon

    The fact that the New Generation are able to set aside their religious differences or social background and actually sit down and communicate with one another. Its already happening with the new generations of young adults with Jewish heritage and young Arabs. Its happening behind the scene and that's the reason why a lot of the nations around the world have moved to the moderate way of living their lives....

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  3. Jesus

    the first people tht posted in this thing are rong no one is perfect not the USA or The muslim or chineese whatever you are no one is perfect in the world you should all be ashamed of yourselfs cuz people blame other people tht hhavent done nutin bad just cuz of their religion or raise hey im a mexican and i dont say "oh where the best" thts mest up you should think before you post a comment like tht........

    January 12, 2011 at 2:38 pm | Report abuse |
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