Reports: Car bomb outside Egyptian church kills at least 21
December 31st, 2010
09:50 PM ET

Reports: Car bomb outside Egyptian church kills at least 21

[Update 7:16 a.m.] The death toll in a car bombing outside a church in Alexandria, Egypt has risen to at least 21, officials say.

[Original post] A car bomb outside a church in Alexandria, Egypt, killed at least seven people and wounded at least 24 others early Saturday, Egyptian state media reported, citing unnamed security officials.

The car bomb exploded at 12:20 a.m. in front of the Church of Two Saints, where Coptic Christians were attending
services, Egypt's Nile TV reported.

A nearby mosque was damaged and eight Muslims were among the injured, according to Egypt's MENA news service.

Egyptian officials are blaming foreign elements for the attack, MENA reported.

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  1. phil

    @ Jack 'n NY..are you blind? Have you not seen for yourself the horrific acts committed by those professing to be Christians in our lifetimes and throughout history? The Crusades, the Inquisistion, the bombing of Dresden and Berlin after the war was over, etc., etc., etc.

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  2. phil

    @Jack 'n NY...are you serious? Muslim nations aren't "dirt poor" as you say. They are filthy rich with oil ! and not just the middle-eastern Arab nations. West African land is drenched with oil as well. And as if one can determine who God approves of by how wealthy they are.

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  3. Big Joe

    Islam and Quran are not a religion, they are a cult. The purpose is to control, if it cannot control, terrorize.

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  4. michaelfury

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  5. michaelfury

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  6. dina

    People need to wake up and realize that Muslims are not the only ones creating problems in the world. America is also causing major problems by only choosing to support Israel by giving them aid and weapons while the Israelis act "Innocent" infront of the world and kill and torture many people without anyone in the U.S. realizing it. Whi is this, because the American media only shows people what they want them to see. Israel is the cause of everything. They are the cause of this conflict between the Muslims and Christians in Egypt. All Egyptians were at peace for a long time, then all of a sudden this happens. Egyptians, no matter what, Christians, Muslims, black, white, etc...they are all Egyptians and the egyptians should not be ignorant to follow what the Israelis are doing because their plan is to destroy the country. Wake up people and stop blaming Muslims only.

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  7. dina

    The jews want the entire world to hate the Muslims, and so far they have succeeded. They are torturing people in Palestine. What are you talking about when you say that the Palestinians are torturing the Jews? How are they torturing the Jews? By throwing rocks at them? The israelis have weapons and cut the electricity from the Palestinians. Did you forget what the Israelis did to the Americans that tried to give aid the the Palestinians. The israelis killed them so that they would not help. They are trying to get rid of all Muslims by having them turn against each other and by making them look bad infront of the world.

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  8. phil

    The Koran command's Muslim's to defend their land against foreign invasions. We would also do this to protect our families if our land were invaded. It's getting very difficult for true followers of Allah to do this, since their own government's have either allied themselves with the foreign invaders, or are outright puppet-regimes established by the very invaders they are commanded to repel. Those calling themselves Muslim who commit acts of terrorism, oftentimes killing innocent civilians, do so in spite of what the Koran says, and are not unlike those who profess to be Christian who join-in and support these invasions that oftentimes result in the deaths of innocent spite of what the bible commands. It's getting more difficult for true followers of Jesus to maintain their bible-based Christian neutrality, because their own government's are carrying out these invasions, and they are labled as being unpatriotic and are persecuted for their beliefs. [feel free to challenge me on this]

    January 1, 2011 at 1:01 pm | Report abuse |
  9. ThomasD

    No challenge here. Thats EXACTLY whats been going on for centuries. The fanatics of every denomination smear the name of thier denomination and, as humans love to do, we stereotype them all as being fanatics. The same as we do with different races.

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  10. khaled zaki

    It is obvious that the POWERS manipulating the PUPPETS of terrorism want to turn Egypt to another Sudan or Iraq. These evil powers that are no more hidden won't stop unless Moslems and Christians work hand in hand to eliminate them.

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  11. MVG

    Everyone is shocked and in pain due to this unfortunate tragedy... We are allll bashing on each other and throwing knives instead of doing the right thing . As a Coptic Orthodox Christian, God knows what is going on and has a purpose for everything. FAST AND PRAY and God will hear our prayers. Copts were the first inhabitants of Egypt and NOT once have they ever done anything to the muslims. I just wish that one day the muslims, the good ones stand up for a Copt being mistreated and protect them and vice versa. I really pray that we stop acting fake to one another and that we can all love each other as unique talented individuals. God enlighten your minds my fellow muslim people to knowing the truth. Please to all the muslims out there, there is a lot of great channels that speak out about christianity and what it is, enlighten your ears and open your hearts to God and He shall lead the way. I hope everyone can move on from this and that it NEVER happens again. And if it does, that the muslims AND copts stand up for us.

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  12. New Generation

    No matter what religion you may be affiliated with, the bottom line is that we are all HUMAN BEINGS. Those who shed blood on behalf of their faith is NOT faithful to their religion nor do they really know what their religion is all about. Those who do harm on other HUMAN BEINGS, does harm against their own religion. Religion is about PEACE & UNDERSTANDING, LOVE & COMPASSION, INNER STRENGTH & HEALING...

    Misunderstanding about the teaching of their own Religion, Hatred cause by years of hearing all types of twisted information by uneducated and ill-informed community leaders, and most of all the FEAR causes a person to shed blood or do harm to other HUMAN BEING.

    WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS. Do NOT harm or shed blood behalf of your Religion because doing so is harming and shedding blood against your own Faith as well as your God's teaching....God Bless to all those who understand the truth and live their lives in a faithful manner.

    January 1, 2011 at 3:19 pm | Report abuse |
  13. New Horizon

    Let us all, the NEW GENERATION of young adults from all faith and Religon, who have NOT been brain washed by idiotic twisted idiology stand shoulder to shoulder and be ONE. We are all HUMAN BEINGS no matter what Religion we are affiliated with. We are sons and daughters of a compassionate and loving God.

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  14. DefaultName

    @New Horizon: Well said, but there are countless others being brainwashed by the forked tongued serpents in our society. The truly good people need to stand up to the corrupt. Being a silent majority allows evil to thrive like a virus. The problems are systemic across all ethic and social backgrounds. Entertainment and religion has become polluted with violence, racism and misogyny. In America the first amendment shields the criminals who can openly spew their twisted misinformation to any idiot who's dumb enough to listen. In the middle east there is no freedom of speech, but a controlled message designed to suppress the minds of people.

    January 1, 2011 at 4:44 pm | Report abuse |
  15. phil

    @default name and New what do you recommend? Revolution? Revolutions are expensive. The US had to borrow money from the Banc of France to finance the first one. Who would loan money to finance one today? Anarchy? Isn't that what we already see? And what do the two of you recommend to those who are drafted into military service? To those whose "holy men", flying the national flags of whatever country they happen to be located, should they stand up in the church and yell "Bu//sh't" when their "holy man" begins trying to preach them onto their battlefields? Have the two of you thought this through, or are you just venting some anger?

    January 1, 2011 at 5:32 pm | Report abuse |
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