Reuniting families in Haiti a year later
A handful of aid organizations in Haiti have taken on the task of reuniting children who were separated from their families.
January 12th, 2011
05:31 PM ET

Reuniting families in Haiti a year later

Thousands of nongovernmental organizations have been working in Haiti in the past year. They range from  operations of just a few people supporting a school or orphanage to some of the largest aid groups in the world, like the Red Cross. Regardless of their size, there has been no shortage of work for them to do after the devastating earthquake.

A handful of aid organizations have taken on the difficult task of reuniting children who became separated from their families. They've developed a database of information on more than 5,000 cases. In a country where accurate records of family histories were already difficult to come by, it can take months of painstaking detective work to establish a verifiable connection between a child and a living relative.

CNN's Steve Kastenbaum spoke with an official from an aid organization that has been reuniting families amid the chaos. Listen to the story here:

You can also listen to the CNN Radio Reports podcast on itunes or subscribe to the podcast here.

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  1. banasy

    I really, really hope they Haiti can put the pieces if their shattered lives better and stronger th, before, and the good will of the people helping will continue. Haiti is such an unbalanced country, with 98% of the wealth controlled by 2% of the people...I'm tired of all the inequality. I'm just saying throw a lifeline to the people, teach them something besides hunger and squalor, and watch those poor souls bloom. My heart goes out to them, and may they be reunited with their loved ones.

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  2. banasy

    A few typos. Sorry.

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  3. Homer Simpson

    well, in u.s.a. 95% controlled by 5%, greed, our state and local gov are going broke, or more accurate, we the people are. Bloated gov. With bloated salaries, warren county mi. Alone has 40 police chiefs, just the same in other counties, to many chiefs, not enough indians, were screwed!

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  4. IMA Sarahpalinfanatic

    I hope they bring back Elvis , Go Get 'em SARAH – we love ya, you're a tiger remember . Long live the teaparty !

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  5. banasy

    You're right, of course, and we ARE screwed....d'ya think we can get some goverment-issue lube instead of the crappy cheese they're always trying to foist off on the poor?

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  6. Im gonna say it to your Face

    Wow, u guys get cheese ? thats F+?@Ked up !! they dont give us cheese!!

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