Source: 5 police officers killed in Ivory Coast violence
At least 10 people died on Tuesday as the fallout from Ivory Coast's disputed election worsened.
January 12th, 2011
10:21 AM ET

Source: 5 police officers killed in Ivory Coast violence

At least five police officers were killed Tuesday night in what authorities said was a targeted attack in an Abidjan neighborhood, a police source said Wednesday.

The attack by heavily armed gunmen occurred in the densely populated Abobo area of the city, the source said.

Amnesty International issued a statement warning of a fresh outbreak of violence in the wake of the five deaths, which it said happened early Wednesday.

"Some of the worst armed clashes so far broke out in the city of Abidjan today," the organization said. An unnamed eyewitness told Amnesty International they heard "heavy exchanges of fire" around midnight, the statement said, and this morning they saw "three military vehicles burnt out" and the body of a member of the security forces.

Tuesday, five people were killed in clashes between police and supporters of the nation's president-elect amid an ongoing political standoff in the West African nation.

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  1. look at what he said

    Oh yeah they probably had bazzokas up there smugglers are pretty bad don't you agree.

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  2. Sees All Evil

    Yeah i saw thier map on the internet that place had crosshairs on it now gbagbo says it was just a surveyers site oops! oh well we can just blame it on the political tone. oh wait it was a map of the Arizona nt Abobo yikes somebody needs to apologize ehhem oh sarah

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  3. Tomas

    In liberia people who had samuel doe's photos in their houses were killed by those who were against the president. According to witnesses, this was at the beginning of the civil war which lasted for 14yrs. People in abobo are mostly mandigos. Ouattara is said to be their candidate. For this reason, they could be a target for supporting the otherside. This could be what's happening in abidjan and elsewhere in cote d'ivoire.

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  4. Fightin joe

    that damn sarah palin will never stop lmao

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