Carmelo Anthony trade drama over - for now
Carmelo Anthony will not be headed to the New Jersey Nets.
January 20th, 2011
02:06 PM ET Carmelo Anthony trade drama over - for now

Looks like Carmelo Anthony will be sticking around Denver, at least a little longer.

After weeks of speculation and coming close to a 14-player, multimillion dollar deal between the Nets, Nuggets and Pistons, Nets team owner Mikhail Prokhorov announced that he was ending trade discussions.

"I am not happy with the way this deal has gone until now,” he said during a press conference Wednesday evening. “It has taken too long. It has been played out in public. The uncertainty has taken a toll on the players. I believe that has cost us several games. I think the management of the team did a great job but there comes a time when the price is simply too expensive. I'm instructing our team to walk away from the deal and the meeting which was supposed to be held by our management tomorrow in Denver with Carmelo is hereby cancelled."

"The decision to walk away is my own decision. I'm not day-to-day with the team. Being one step removed from the day-to-day business gives me a clear understanding, a clear view of what was needed to be done."

But was Prokhorov’s decision to put the kibosh on the trade, a more calculated move than just putting an end to the drama?’s Chris Mannix thinks so. With rumors circulating that Anthony wasn’t interested in heading to New Jersey, Prokhorov’s announcement could have been a ploy to simply save face for his team. But according to officials who were aware of his impending bombshell, Prokhorov has had enough of the Nets-Carmelo madness and took swift action to bring it to a close.

So where does that leave ‘Melo? Free to make his way to the New York Knicks, that’s for sure. With the Knicks reportedly being Anthony’s top choice, they have become the frontrunners in the Carmelo trade saga. But both teams still have plenty details to hammer out before a trade is on the table.

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