It's the snowiest January ever in NYC
New York has never seen as much snow in January as it has seen this month.
January 27th, 2011
03:07 PM ET

It's the snowiest January ever in NYC

Records are falling with the snow in and around New York.

This has been the snowiest January the Big Apple has on its books. The National Weather Service reports these January totals, with old records in parentheses:

  • Central Park: 36 inches (27.4, 1925)
  • Newark, New Jersey: 37.3 inches (31.6, 1996)
  • LaGuardia Airport: 32.4 inches (27.6, 1996)
  • Bridgeport, Connecticut: 41.8 inches (26.2, 1965)
  • Islip, New York: 34.2 inches (21.5, 2005)


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  1. banasy

    Phillip, my bud, I've been here and there posting, but it never seems we are on at the same time! Glad to see that you're being the go-to-guy for others too...I don't mind sharing you! 😉 and if I were ever locked in a reading room, I would imagine two scenarios: 1)You'd be in the reading room next door, or: 2) I'd find you here somewhere and you'd tell me how to use a bobby pin and how to listen to the tumblers of the lock to get myself out! Great to see you too, GTG!

    @raven: you've pretty much have picked the same friends and foes, but tomcat, sidewinder,and ThomasD are worth a look; I'm sure there are some I've missed! But you are correct in the Jim Brieske assessment; I don't know if he really believes what he's saying, but whoa, the rage...

    And Cesar IS funny, but there's more to that lad than meets the eye. He's smarter than he let's on at times...but he's cool ALL of the time. RUFFNUTT? He gives me spittakes if I'm drinking something!

    Welcome, raven! You have a pretty level head yourself!! 🙂

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  2. Philip

    And I will second ThomasD and tomcat...oh, and you too Cesar. he he. ThomasD loves fishing, and is a polite gentleman from central Washington, and is very knowledgable. tomcat is a fireman from Texas. Period. just kidding! He's a great guy. Family man too. I haven't seen him around for a few days, I hope he's ok. Since he's already talked about it publicly, I'll go ahead and say he's suffering from cancer, and is getting chemotherapy. I used to get scared when i didn't see him around, but I'm getting used to hit. Hope he's ok. And I'm having a hard time getting to know Cesar, though we've chatted often. He's funny one second, and dead serious the next! I enjoy him and his comments. Welcome aboard raven! hope you stick around. (and banasy, where's chrissy?)

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  3. banasy

    I was going to ask you that next...where has she been?? Maybe with all this crazy weather...

    Sorry about tomcat...I hope he gets through chemo ok. It's really rough, depending on what type of cancer he has, and the mix of the drugs...prayers to him!

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  4. Philip

    Hmm. no posts are going thru

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  5. Cesar

    Hi Philip, thanks for the kind words. Guess Tomcat is busy or resting from the treatments. I've heard chemo can make a person feel ill. Expect to see him soon. Have a good day Philip. PS there is another Cesar posting. Seems like a normal Cesar so far.

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  6. AMERICA 1st

    that global warming thing is just a scare tactic used by the treehuggers to further their agenda

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