Gotta Watch: Super Bowl edition
A hospital in Greenbay, Wisconsin outfits its newborns with Packers blankets and cheeseheads.
February 4th, 2011
10:12 AM ET

Gotta Watch: Super Bowl edition

Baby cheeseheads – Being a true fan is a birthright. Just ask the babies born in the run-up to the big dance between the Pack and the Steel Nation. Couples can prove their loyalty with their virility in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and finally bring an answer to the age-old question, what makes better swaddling clothes, a "Terrible Towel" or a homemade cheesehead?

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Born to win? – Superstitious Steeler fans may be urging one Pennsylvania couple to keep their romance alive. Keith and Amanda Davis were both born in Steeler Super Bowl win years, and their two oldest children were as well. And guess what? They had a third child this season! This family is not only populating their own little Steel Nation, but they also may be ushering their team toward victory one baby at a time!

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Lingerie puppy bowl? – Conan manages to take two things that guys usually love–lingerie and puppies–and turn them into something completely ridiculous and awkward.

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