Analyst: NFL players stand to lose plenty if lockout happens
Some folks are wondering whether the Super Bowl will be the last NFL game in 2011.
February 7th, 2011
05:48 PM ET

Analyst: NFL players stand to lose plenty if lockout happens

The contract between NFL owners and the players' union is set to expire March 3. Many people are asking whether Sunday's Super Bowl will be the last NFL game played in 2011. What is at stake for the players, the owners and the fans?

Rick Horrow, a sports business analyst, attorney and professor, says the NFL has never been stronger.

"If you don’t believe me," Horrow said, "take a look at the Super Bowl. Astronomical ratings."

If a lockout or walkout happens on March 4, the players stand to lose not only salary and health benefits, but also a good chunk of their playing careers, according to Horrow. The average NFL player's career is between three and four years.

"You can’t get that back," Horrow said.

For the owners, things are not that tough.

"The owners ... get one year of television payments, which they negotiated in good faith," Horrow said. "That, by the way, is $4 billion."

The fan should know that if a lockout does happen March 4, the 2011 season still could be saved. Owners and the players' union still will have the spring and summer to get a deal done, Horrow said.

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    "It's a Wonderful Life," with Jimmy Steward. Do you feel sorry for the NFL players? Shall we send them flowers?

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    Ok. John Belushi, (although he didn't say it) and a horse.

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    Oh, yeah, my heart is bleeding green jellybeans at their plight. I'd like to send them flowers or my sympathy, but I don't feel any for them! But if there is no NFL season, all the other people involved will get hurt; the independent vendors, other concession workers, maintenance workers, security, etc. Not really fair all around is it?


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    True. I think good negotiations will prevail, much too important for all concerned.

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    i needs my fooseball..

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