Egypt transitioning, but to what?
February 8th, 2011
02:01 PM ET

Egypt transitioning, but to what?

With protesters still in the streets of Cairo and newly appointed government officials meeting with some opposition leaders, Egypt faces an uncertain future. The outcome will depend largely on the course charted by a transitional government.

Many other countries have been down the path Egypt finds itself on. A popular uprising undermines the authority of a long-standing regime and a period of chaos ensues. Transitional governments often take control and their success at ushering in change varies depending on a multitude of factors.

"In many of these cases, if the military splits or goes against the ruler and helps to bring in some transition with popular support, it still may take a cycle or more to get to an actual democratic regime or to accomplish real change," said Georgia State University political science professor Jennifer McCoy, citing past transitions in Latin American, Eastern Europe and the Philippines.

There is no guaranteed route to success, McCoy said, and often, while there may be some wholesale changes, the people in positions of authority remain at the top in transitional governments. 

“In a case where there is no clear leader or leading group such as in Egypt today that spurred the change, it’s very difficult to predict where it’s going to go."

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  2. Cesar

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    • Mateusz

      Luke Akehurst AND Alex Hilton are morons if you ask me, and that Chris Paul to boot. But Alex takes the cisbuit this week, selling tosh to the Indy who have been scammed.There is no authority and no authenticity to the LH "poll" of self selecting respondents of unknown political allegiances.Some of the same sock puppets as the ones operating over at Labour Home as leader writers have been attacking here and at Tom Watson's too.Alex and Co didn't "write to Labour Party members" as some apologists suggest they wrote to their open to all mailing list and to their open to all blog.Shame on the Independent – and the rest of the media sheeple – for presenting this bit of light relief as a serious poll alongside those by proper polling organisations.The methodology doesn't stand up. The sample is both self selecting and uncontrolled. If it reflects the actual views of the grass roots in any way – even of the presumably youngish blog reading wild eyes tendancy – that is purely by chance. I'm sure Alex can see that himself.And what's more the views will have changed even in the last five days. The Indy needed to have more cautions on this stuff and Labour Home mustn't over-sell their status or authenticity. .

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  3. Cesar

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  4. bert

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  5. Cesar

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  6. Jim

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  7. carlos from mex

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  8. carlos from mex


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  9. rumrunner

    why don't the cubans reclaim THEIR country??!!

    February 9, 2011 at 10:42 am | Report abuse |
    • Cesar

      They don't have to since the United States doesn't yet own it. Both the U.S.government and the Mafia lost out there back in 1959!!!

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  11. Cesar

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