February 14th, 2011
12:29 PM ET

14 killed in Honduras plane crash

All fourteen people on board an Central American Airlines flight that
crashed in Honduras Monday died, the fire department said.

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    this story is to long.. i had trouble reading it and paying attention..

    @carmen get back to work don't you have a 1k inspection you need to do?

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  2. J.S.

    A good friend was one of the passengers, it's absolutely devestating. If anyone wants to blog about this, please remember that many have just lost a loved one and they may be reading this...just show some respect please. It's a tragedy for someone, even though it may not be you. My prayers are with all the families.

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    • christina

      Jim Howell was a dear friend of my family.....a missionary.....a father.....and a devoted husband.....I am praying for all the families

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  3. SC

    Peter Jong was my brother in law. My sister is absolutely devastated and I know I'm completely shocked.

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    • nik

      im so sorry, i spent 5 months with Peter and everyone last winter in Roatan..... so sad.... i wish i could go back right now to be with them

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    • DA

      We too were good friend's with Peter, having been with him in Mexico and Toronto. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family.

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    • Amanda Jong

      Peter was my brother in law and my childrens beloved uncle, he will be greatly missed, his passion for Jehovah's service was seen by every one. Tammy is in my prayers and thoughts. My sympathies go out to the other 2 brothers families.

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    • Al

      SC & Amanda, My heartfelt condolences to you and your families. I work in Canada with Peter's father. We were all shocked to hear this terrible news.

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    loseing a loved one sucks and they can never be replaced but i'd rather go out quick than cancer or alzimers or something like that..

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  5. Rachel B

    Thank you for confirming the info for us. It's a huge comfort to know there are other people out there who care about these amazing people. We send our love and prayers to all those who know and love them and to all my friends down there know we are mourning with you and look forward to seeing you again.

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  6. Janet S

    Our heart goes out to the families of those lost in the plane crash. Especially to Peter Jong's wife and the families of those who Peter had newly embraced and would call his brothers. Peter and his wife left us here in Toronto to do what they loved best–helping people to get to know God and have a full spiritual life. May we all have comfort that he was doing this to the end. Our thoughts, prayers and hopes are with you and may your faith, friends and family be a source of comfort to you.

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  7. ams


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  8. JD

    Peter Jong was a loyal son, a dedicated husband and a fun-loving uncle. Love for people moved him and his wife to sell their home and possessions in Canada to move to Honduras to volunteer their time, energy and resources to support a sign-language congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. He has been described as a man who would burn the candle at both ends to serve the needs of others. He will be well remembered for his tireless years of service to his God, and for his loving interest in the people around him.

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  9. Sue Zelenka

    We were devestated when we got the news. Our prays and love go out to Karma, Willow and Carl. What a wonderful loveing family. Wish we could be there to give them our love. Our whole family went and stayed with them in Roatan 2 years ago, and enjoyed renewing old friendships. We have known Jim, Karma & Willow since 1973 back in Colorado, when Willow was just a very small child. This is where they first came to know about our great God Jehovah. They have always given so much of themselves to tell others of their faith. Jim will be missed by so many.

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    • liz9955

      Yes, Jim will be missed... He was in the Alabama area when our family met his... He was a great man..

      February 16, 2011 at 11:59 am | Report abuse |
  10. Audie Palmer

    One luv to everybody. Peter was my brother from my heart. This is everyones loss. What great guy. Tam we love you and are here for you. And my heart goes out everyone who loss someone I this tragedy!

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  11. rm

    May Jehovah the God of comfort be a refuge and a place of healing for all 3 brothers families and congregations during this time of horrible grief. Know that any of your brothers and sisters that know about this are praying for you all. Jehovah himself knows your pain and will soon bring a time when we can welcome these brothers back.

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    • zs

      i agree 100 percent. jah is a God of comfort. we all r devastated by d lost. our prayers r with the families.

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  12. James Ouellette

    Last summer I got the privilege of attending the San Pedro Sula District Convention with my Aunt and Uncle. This was my first visit to Honduras and I was a little overwhelmed by the country. However walking into the convention site I felt an ease even though I didn’t know anyone, besides my aunt and uncle, but I did know i was going to be among good people. My first friend was this lady, tall and humors she later introduced me to her husband Jim, a gentle man real loving and kind, They told me they were on the island of Roatan, then I made some joke about how their last name is Howell and “Mr. and Ms Howell are back on the island”… they laughed as if they never herd that joke before. Being friends with Howells was very beneficial it seemed as everyone knew them and who wouldn’t want to. I was then introduced to Peter and Tamara Jong the Signers… I had taken a few sign language classes back home and have herd that they were trying to start a sign language group back on the island. I was immediately drawn to Peter. I knew from the moment that I met him that I wanted to be his friend. He seemed like the person I could go to, so kind and loving but also humors at the same time, when I grew up I wanted to be like him. His wife Tamara a real calm but powerful young women. While most young couples would be looking to work and money for happiness you see this couple serving God together and they couldn’t be more happy an example to all. After meeting many of the older friends I finally met some young people… Alisha and Ronnie. A recently married couple living on the island of Roatan as well. Ronnie was a young islander who fell in love with Alisha this west cost beautiful blonde hair American girl who moved to Roatan with her parents. Alisha introduced me to her parents Brother and Sister Tomchuck. Her mom was a real nice and friendly women her dad, well I didn’t really get the to talk to him (besides that one night when I was looking for Ronnie and end up calling his room…goodtimes) what I seen in him though was a strength in silence I could see with just one look at his wife you could see so much love for her, and when he looked at his little girl you could see in his eyes he was so proud of how his baby girl had matured into such an elegant mature young lady. Talking with Alisha on my last night in Honduras she told me about her life. In her words she expressed a real love for her family a real love for God. A love that had been inculcated in her since she was a young child. The morning after the convention I said goodbye to all our friends and promised I will come back and visit real soon. I knew that even though I had to fly back to Canada for now, I would be back someday. Well today I received a call from my uncle, he said their was a plane crash in Honduras three brothers have died. In the next four hours we learned the names of the friends who died. I was so upset I didn’t know what to do. I wish I was their for these family I felt so useless, so I decided to write. So now its 2.15am and these memories our coming back to me and making me smile. And I think how could people that I was only friends with for 3 Days make such an impact, why does my heart ache with grief for people I barely knew. Well the reason was because these weren’t mere people but my spiritual family I had such a love and respect for these men that I viewed them as my personal family and this death hurt so much because I knew that not only did this news devastate many friends and family but it also made our creator sad to see his precious servants go. However even though he is sad he has a yearning to bring them back and he has promised he will do so..We will all meet again in a new world where suffering and pain is just a thing of the past.

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    • mirandalyn

      Beautiful words, thank you, James. I have known Jim and Karma my entire life, 30 years. They were a second set of parents to me. I grew up with Willow. My heart aches for what his family is going through, as well as the families of our other brothers. My only comfort is knowing they are now safe in Jehovah's memory, and we will soon welcome them back in the new world. You are completely right about Jim and Karma, they made you feel like part of the family from the moment you met them. Jim had such a great sense of humor, and I can hear them now, laughing at your joke. Like it was the funniest thing they ever heard, right? I will miss him terribly. I'm so grateful that we have Jehovah to give us 'the peace that excels all thought', because otherwise, this tragedy would be unbearable. Thank you again for your beautiful comments.

      February 17, 2011 at 10:55 am | Report abuse |
    • Shannon King

      James: I'm confident that your taking the time to share such heartfelt, wonderful memories will be a comfort to those who also knew those Friends and are in mourning, as well as family members who may read them. I never met any of those brothers, but your worlds were even a comfort to me and a welcome insight into their lives and personalities.

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  13. lynn farr ingram and stevie

    karma and willow i love yall.

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  14. Tomaz

    They must have said their last prayers. It's still sad how they went away. Hope they all had righteous intentions, and therefore RIP!!!

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  15. Dane

    I know Flynn and his family I can't believe this. Found out this morning while waiting for a flight. Talia I hope you made it down there safe.

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