February 14th, 2011
03:09 AM ET

2 University of Florida students die exploring Georgia cave

A state medical examiner will try to determine the cause of death of two University of Florida students who died over the weekend while exploring a cave in northwest Georgia.

Michael Pirie, 18, and Grant Lockenbach, 20, both died Saturday of what appears to be hypothermia, David Ashburn, director of Walker County emergency services, said late Sunday. Autopsies will be conducted, he said.

"Both passed away in Ellison's Cave in Walker County and their bodies are at the state medical examiner's office now," Ashburn said. "We think Grant went down first and Michael went down to help him."

Their bodies were removed from the cave late Saturday, he said.


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  1. crap

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  2. Sees All Evil

    Never ceases to amaze me, all the the antiquated prejudice, the rediculous statements that show deep seated psychological issues. Hatred is such a wasteful selfdestructive emotion. Prejudice most times hurts the person afflicted with it far more than the person its directed towards. Love is the greatest gift from God. My prayers for the family and friends of these young men. Its very sad this happened so sorry for thier loss.

    February 14, 2011 at 11:54 am | Report abuse |
  3. beezo

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  5. crap

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    • beezo

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  7. 4x4 Jeepmom

    So sad , this is a story of two teens who died and all u beezo is talk nasty and racist get a grip boy . Jeepers show some if you have any respect.

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  8. polishmillrite

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