On the Radar: Middle East protests, United grounds planes, Florida burn case
Anti-government protesters in Yemen holding a sign that says, "Leave."
February 16th, 2011
12:34 PM ET

On the Radar: Middle East protests, United grounds planes, Florida burn case

Middle East protests - Demonstrations against governments in the Middle East continue to rage, inspired by the weeks-long, anti-government protests in Egypt that forced President Hosni Mubarak to step down. In Bahrain, anti-government protesters rallied peacefully at the funeral of a man killed while protesting on Monday. Protests were far more violent in Iraq where demonstrators gathered outside the governor's office in Kut, about 60 miles south of Baghdad. One person was shot and killed when private security guards and Iraqi security forces opened fire. Twenty-eight people were wounded.

Wednesday marks the sixth day of anti-government protests in Yemen. Sanaa University students took to the street initially demanding improved curriculum, but their rally became an anti-government protest. Pro-government demonstrators showed up and began throwing rocks, two witnesses told CNN. There were no reports of injuries at the rally.

Planes grounded - United Airlines grounded its entire fleet of 757s for "unscheduled maintenance." There was a computer problem. Some flights are delayed or canceled. United said it hopes to resume normal scheduling later Wednesday.

Florida teens in court - Three Florida teenagers accused of setting another boy on fire in late 2009 are scheduled to be in court Wednesday. It could be the first time the suspects' side of the story is heard. The three teens - Denver Jarvis and Mathew Bent, both now 16, and Jesus Mendez, now 17 - have been charged as adults with second-degree attempted murder. The teens are accused of pouring alcohol on the victim, who is now 16, and setting him on fire after a dispute about buying a video game.

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    Good grief,look at what's happening in Iraq of all places where G.W.Bush promised to build a " beacon of democracy". It looks like it didn't turn out so well,after all.

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  2. Ed Morden

    A whole lot of coverage on protests in Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, and the rest of the Middle East but very little coverage of the protest against the government in Wisconsin. These are American workers protesting against Republican Gov. Walker's plan to strip workers of their collective bargaining rights. I would've thought that given the tens of thousands of protesting Wisconsin Residents, this story with the potential to affect all Americans, would merit a reasonable amount of air time and coverage by CNN.

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  3. Henry Massingale

    As of now most have seen the issues in Egypt, we offer our best to all my friends and a thank you to all who supports the International Boycott Of The Arabic Drug Empire. The following link below so that, in order show the miss use of the Name of God in a war fought to control a Drug Empire and the lie of the Afghan Drug Lords, to make their people slaves, is coming to a end.
    Enjoy your Freedom, it is yours...
    No longer will become a slave to a Government, and subject to even by the United States Officials.
    There is a old saying in the USA, when you find your self stuck in a box where your words are blocked by News Reports, then you must step out side of that box in order to see into it...
    Henry Massingale

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