Gadhafi's greatest hits: Rhetoric more defiant as calls for ouster grow louder
Moammar Gadhafi has given rambling, often bizarre speeches, including one Wednesday in Tripoli, since Libya's uprising began.
March 3rd, 2011
01:20 PM ET

Gadhafi's greatest hits: Rhetoric more defiant as calls for ouster grow louder

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's rhetoric has become more bombastic as protests in his country and calls for his ouster have intensified.

He has compared himself to the queen of England, launched defiant missives at Western powers and accused protesters in his nation of being hopped up on drugs. He's declared that Libyans love him, while news reports indicate his troops are killing protesters in the streets.

On Wednesday, he called President Barack Obama "quite reasonable" before threatening to arm up to 3 million Libyans, who he said wouldn't hesitate to kill anyone challenging his country.

Following is a brief collection of his most antagonistic and off-the-wall remarks since last month:

February 22 speech on state television: "This is my country, the country of my grandfathers and your grandfathers. We have irrigated it with our blood. We are more qualified than others, than those rats. … Our revolution has brought glory for the generations, and Libya will lead the revolution, lead America, lead Asia, lead the whole world. It cannot be stopped. This march cannot be stopped by those agents, those rats, those cats who move in the dark. … It’s not possible that I leave this place. I will be a martyr at the end.”

Same February 22 speech:  "Now, a small group of youth who have been given hallucination pills are raiding police stations here, and they're like rats. They are attacking innocent people at their homes in order that we have to enforce our barracks and our houses. ... We say that Libya's in peace. They have manipulated this peace, this security, this stability, and raided some barracks and some police stations. They burned files, which contain their records and the records of the investigation about their crimes."

Same February 22 speech: "(Rocket-propelled grenade) RPG rocket launchers have been provided to Benghazi by the Americans. They have just confused them. They have made them dizzy. They offer them those hallucination pills in order to use them."

Friday speech following the deaths of 17 protesters in Zawiya:  “We are not like Egypt or Tunisia. … Here, the authority is in the hands of the people. You can change your authority, just make committees, and if you think they are corrupt, take them to court. Prosecute them."

Friday surprise appearance at Tripoli’s Green Square:  "Life without dignity has no meaning, no value. Life without raising these green flags has no meaning. It is the life of glory, life of victory, and the flag is raised high. The youth, take your liberty everywhere, in the streets, dance, sing, live in dignity. Live with high morals. Moammar Gadhafi is one of you. Dance, sing and be happy."

Monday interview with ABC, BBC and The Sunday Times:  “No demonstrations at all in the streets. No one is against us. ... They love me, all my people with me. They love me all. They will die to protect me, my people.”

Wednesday speech from Tripoli:  “We liberated the Libyan soil and its wealth from the colonial powers and we put it in the hands of the Libyan people. Since 1977, people are responsible for the power. The Libyan power is the people’s power. … Gadhafi has no power which he can relinquish. It’s foreign stations that are behind it. It’s all to take charge of the Libyan oil.”

Wednesday statement blaming ex-prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for the tumult in Libya: “These elements were in Guantanamo, and the American security services handed them to us, and after a while they were released by Libya. … After that, all of a sudden they reappeared, resurfaced and they’ve gone back on their pledge and we realized that they’re sleeping cells of al Qaeda."

Wednesday speech in Tripoli: “I think Obama is quite reasonable. … He is not a Yankee like Bush or Clinton, he's a reasonable person. He's capable to avoid another Iraq or Afghanistan. ... If they want to challenge us, we accept the challenge. Then we will distribute arms to 2 or 3 million, and we won't care about killing them. We will defend the honor of all our innocent people.”

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